Blue light, E10 | Traffic accident on the E10 – One person was trapped


The road traffic center announces the time 07:41 on Wednesday morning that the E10 between Kabelvåg and Svolvær is closed after a traffic accident. The accident happened at the bend between Tjeldbergvika and LAS. There is a 70 zone on the site.

– There are two cars that have collided. One person in both cars. The extent of the damage is not known. Fire and ambulance are on the scene. The police are on the way, says operations manager Thomas Choe at the Nordland police district.

Lofotposten’s journalist on the spot tells the time 07:45 that one of the drivers is trapped, and work is being done to free the person. The other driver has been taken care of by paramedics. According to the police, the other is unharmed.

08:03: There are long queues on both sides of the accident site.

08:04 Lofotposten’s journalist reports that the person who was trapped has now been released and taken care of by health personnel. The extent of the damage is not known.

08:10: The police report that helicopters from both Bodø and Harstad are on their way to the scene.

08:10 The E10 is blocked at the Esso junction where a helicopter landing pad has been prepared.

08:12 The police report that they are working to get an overview of the incident.

08:15 According to, the ambulance helicopter from Harstad has turned around.

08:21 reports Lofotposten’s journalist at the scene that the ambulance with the injured person has left the scene. They drive to the airport where the SAR Queen from Bodø will land.

08:24 The barriers at Esso have been removed.

08:27 Work is underway to clear the roadway of wreckage that is scattered over a large area. One car is in the ditch, while the other is on the road.

08:33 Traffic is being diverted past the accident scene pending car recovery. Bilberger is on his way.

08:36 SAR Quen has landed at Svolvær Airport Helle

08:40 SAR Queen has picked up the injured driver and is flying to Bodø.

08:49 The police state that they are opening a case.

09:06 The police state that one car has been collected by tow trucks, the other has been put out of the way and will be collected a little later today. The road is now open to traffic.

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