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Last week it became clear that Satudarah MC (SMC) in Denmark is shutting down. According to Danish BT, this is due to internal disagreements with club departments abroad.

Several former members have now created a new club called Comanches MC.

Now it seems that at least parts of the Norwegian SMC environment will follow in the footsteps of their Danish club brothers, according to what Dagbladet is informed.

According to sources, several people who have been central to SMC in Norway are ready to set up a Norwegian branch of Comanches MC – modeled after Denmark.

– I refrain from commenting on this information, says the club’s lawyer Usama Ahmad to Dagbladet.

Breaking the silence: – We never disappear

Close relationship with Denmark

There have been close ties between SMC in Norway and Denmark over several years. Nadim Khan, one of the founders of SMC in Denmark and later appointed as part of the international club management with the title Kapikane, has had overall responsibility for all of Scandinavia.

DISPUTED: Several of the motorcycle club Satudarah’s members have a criminal background. Reporter: Elias Kr. Zahl-Pettersen. Video: Private.
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Dagbladet also knows that Danish club members have visited Norway – and vice versa.

Furthermore, Danish BT writes that club branches in Marbella in Spain and in Serbia will have changed their name to Comanches MC. Both departments were established with Danish support – in the same way as the Norwegian one.

Kripos confirms to Dagbladet that they are aware of this information.

– Parts of Satudarah – in several countries – have now chosen to change their name to Comanches MC. As long as it is the same people, this does not change the police’s view of the grouping. The logo of the Comanches MC is almost the same as Satudarah’s, says Kjetil Tunold, section leader at the organized crime section of Kripos, to Dagbladet.

Both logos contain feather headdresses traditionally associated with the Native American population.

CLUB ATTORNEY: Usama Ahmad, pictured here in the banning case at the Oslo District Court, will not comment on Dagbladet’s information about the future of SMC in Norway. Photo: Lars Eivind Bones / Dagbladet
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Denies that they are criminals

This week it is expected that the Oslo district court will deliver a verdict after the prosecution demanded that SMC in Norway be banned.

The case is historic as it is the first time that the Norwegian authorities have adopted a new law from 2021 in an attempt to ban a motorcycle club as a criminal association. The club has previously been banned in the Netherlands and Germany.

SMC has denied that they are a criminal group, citing, among other things, that they have changed the membership and the statutes in 2019 precisely after members broke the law.

In the Oslo district court, there was some confusion about who actually controls the Norwegian MC club. According to the police, it is the Oslo branch, but the man who met as the club’s party representative is a member of the Stavanger branch.

Confusion about club management

The man who has been appointed as president of SMC in Oslo claimed in court that he has been frozen out of the club. The reason is said to be that the man – who has been convicted a number of times and was previously a member of the Oslo gang Young Guns – is charged with a stabbing in Lillestrøm in December.

In court, he also alleged that the entire Oslo branch was thrown out of SMC in 2020, before they were admitted again as “trial chapters” last year.

SMC has also been disputed internally in the Norwegian MC milieu, where, among other things, the Hells Angels are said to have had little left over for them, it emerged during the trial in the Oslo district court.

In Denmark, several people who have previously been kicked out of the Hells Angels have joined the SMC.

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