News, Storting | Bomb threat against the Storting

News, Storting | Bomb threat against the Storting
News, Storting | Bomb threat against the Storting

No one is allowed in or out of the Storting in Oslo after a bomb threat is said to have been made against the parliament on social media on Wednesday.

“The police have received a threat against the Storting, this is a threat we are responding to. We will come back with further information when this is available,” the police write in a press release at 10.25am.

(See more photos from the area around the Storting at the bottom of the article)

– A bomb threat has been received against the Storting. We received a message at 09.48. We are on site to ensure the security of the Storting, and at the same time investigate the content of the threat, says operations manager Sven Christian Lie.

There is no information so far that there is any danger to third parties, says Lie.

– It is an unclear security situation, which is being handled by the police, says press guard Jorunn Nilsen at the Storting to Avisa Oslo.

Wiborg: – Such situations are terrifying

Wiborg (FrP) is among the politicians who are in the Storting-

At 11 o’clock he tells Moss Avis that he does not know much about what is happening.

– I really know very little about what is happening, other than the information that is public – but the status now is that no one is allowed in or out, and the Storting is surrounded by fully armed police, he says.

– How do you experience the situation?

– Such situations are frightening, but I have faith that PST and the Police will take the necessary measures that are needed, at all times. I think it is good and very important that this is taken seriously so quickly, he replies.

Knows uncertainty

Tage Pettersen (H), a Storting politician from Moss, has been to the Storting, as has Erlend Wiborg. He says just after 11.00 that they have been told to stay inside.

– For now, the atmosphere is normal in here, but for every minute or quarter of an hour that it is not clarified, you become uncertain, he says.

Pettersen says that there are armed police at all the entrances after observing from inside the window.

– What do you think about this?

– I think that whatever it is, it is reassuring that it is taken seriously. I hope it will be clarified with a positive outcome as soon as possible, he replies.

See photos from the police’s work at the Storting:

The case is updated

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