“The Voice”: “The Voice” Isak receives a proposal letter:

“The Voice”: “The Voice” Isak receives a proposal letter:
“The Voice”: “The Voice” Isak receives a proposal letter:

Isak Øvrevold (18) made all the mentors turn around when he sang at the audition in “The Voice”.

The 18-year-old impressed just as much when he sang on his first live broadcast last Friday. Mentor Espen Lind (51) was delighted and gave Øvrevold a lot of praise for his performance.

But it wasn’t just the judges who fell head over heels for the singing voice of the young northerner.

– Set every single season

Øvrevold has been singing for as long as he can remember, and he started performing already in primary school.

– Maybe that’s where the music started. Then I got compliments from the parents after the performances, which gave me the motivation and confidence to sing, Øvrevold tells TV 2.

PASSION: Isak Øvrevold has found his interest in music on his own, and never received any guidance before participating in “The Voice”. Photo: Thomas Andersen / TV 2

Although he can feel a little nervous, it is rarely something that affects him on stage. It can be an advantage now that broadcasts go live.

– I am very happy that I dared to register myself. I’ve watched every single season and it’s something I’ve wanted since I was a kid.

Received several proposal letters

The feedback in connection with “The Voice” has been positive from both near and dear ones, and at the shopping center in Bodø, Øvrevold notices that more people recognize him from the TV screen.

– I notice that there are more eyes that look at me, but not so many that come away, he says.

But it is not only Øvrevold himself who gets to feel the attention.

– My brother is widely recognized in the city after he went to the blind audition with me. It almost sounds like he’s getting more recognition than I am, laughs the 18-year-old.

Makes everyone close their eyes: – This hits me

Nevertheless, one should not miss the young Norseman’s charm, which has led to several messages in the inbox.

– I usually get a lot of messages on Instagram. They think I’m clever, he says.

He also admits that he has received several proposal letters in his inbox, but he does not take them very seriously.

– I think it’s just fun, actually. I try to answer most things, and then I write that I think it’s fun.

Ready for more music

Since Øvrevold moved on from the previous live broadcast, it means that he is ready for more music this week.

This Friday he will sing “I’ll Be Waiting” by Cian Ducrot.

– It is very nice and quite popular now, says Øvrevold about the choice of song.

Regardless of where “The Voice” takes him, the 18-year-old knows that he wants to focus on making his own music in the future.

– I’m thinking of starting with that. It will be writing from my own life and experiences.

However, he will not reveal anything more about what it entails.

Watch “The Voice” on Fridays at 20:00 on TV 2 Direkte, and whenever you want on TV 2 Play.

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