Fire in a listed building in Bergen – the police are asking for tips

Fire in a listed building in Bergen – the police are asking for tips
Fire in a listed building in Bergen – the police are asking for tips

The fire originated in the so-called “Belsen building”, which was built by the Germans at the start of the Second World War. For a while there was a danger of spreading to the student accommodation and to a nearby warehouse.

Hundreds of students were evacuated, but were told at 10 o’clock that they could move back.

The emergency services received a report from neighbors about the fire at 5.35am, and just over an hour later an inspection was reported at the scene.

Fire crews from the main fire station in Bergen were assisted by people from the fire stations in Fana, Laksevåg and Sandviken.

Several cars burnt out

– It is an extremely valuable war memorial that we have lost here, says project manager Elisabeth Skage in the Urban Environment Agency to Bergensavisen.

The occupiers used the building as a concrete foundry to make elements for the submarine bunker “Bruno” at Laksevåg.

The fire service estimates that around 15 cars parked nearby have been lost or damaged in the fire, reports Bergens Tidende.

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Asking for tips

The police currently have no idea what caused the fire and are asking for tips in the matter.

– We are still very early in the investigation, and as of now we have all hypotheses open. We have carried out preliminary investigations and will not carry out any more crime scene investigations until tomorrow morning at the earliest, says Police Superintendent Therese Sagstad to NRK.

She says it is currently unknown whether there have been people in the building.

– We have a theory that there may have been homeless people who have been in the building, or had connections to the building, says Sagstad, who says the police will interview more witnesses and see if there are surveillance cameras in the area.

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