Local news, Heistad | The cancellations are pouring in: – There will be more throughout the day


– There was quite a good push before Easter, but it was only after Easter that the orders poured in. It’s a bit early, but it usually goes well, says Roger Midtbøen, general manager of Midtbøen Dekk & Service in Heistad.

But it took an abrupt turn when more people became aware of the weather forecast for Thursday, which reports freezing temperatures and snow. When PD made the trip to Midtbøen at 09.30 on Wednesday, he had already received four cancellations.

– There will be more cancellations as well, says Midtbøen, who himself will have winter tires on the car for a few more weeks:

– I’m not usually the first person. I probably change to summer tires after everyone else has done it, he laughs.

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– Do not drive with summer tires tomorrow

Although he thinks it is a bit early to change to summer tires already, he says that it usually goes well.

– There are some who have already changed their tyres, but there are often those who are not so dependent on a car, or who can have a home office, he says.

He nevertheless has a clear appeal to everyone who has changed, or who is considering doing so.

– Don’t drive tomorrow if you don’t absolutely have to, and it might be a good idea to wait a bit because it has been quite cold so far, concludes Midtbøen.

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