Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold and the biathlon women have chosen boyfriends with one special characteristic


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FIANCE AND TRAINING FRIENDS: Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold and fiance Trygve Markset, here during a trip this summer. The image is reproduced with permission from Tandrevold. Photo: @ingridtand on Instagram

OBERHOF (VG) The men on the national biathlon team have noticed that Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold (26) and the other women have chosen boyfriends with one special characteristic.

– They tease us a bit, because we are a group on the team who have girlfriends who are former cross-country skiers and biathletes, and they are involved in what we do to a fairly large extent. I think some of the boys think we are a bit spoiled with the support apparatus when we have girlfriends with us at training sessions, says Ingrid Landmark Dental violence – engaged to a former skier and Amundsen Sport employee Trygve Markset.

The 26-year-old is not alone among biathlon women in having a fit boyfriend, who can also act as a coach and help her towards the top.

On Valentine’s Day itself, VG can reveal that this is so pervasive that the men on the team send regular jabs at the ladies.

– I think the boys are just a little envious, but it is clear that physiologically it is natural that our girlfriends find it a little easier for us to join in training than the boyfriends’ girlfriends, says Tandrevold – and emphasizes the importance her fiancé has for her investment.

Marte Olsbu Røiseland (32) is married to Sverre Olsbu Røiseland (32), who is a coach for the German biathlon women. Ida Lien (25) is together with a former cross-country runner and now a sports student Anders Sørensen (26).

– They have teased large parts of the team a bit, because we each have our own coach, as they choose to call it. But I would say that we on the women’s team have made quite good choices, I, says Lien – but can deny that it was a tactical choice in that respect.

– Actually, I think they are a bit envious, and could imagine a close training friend, they too. We are lucky as our boys maintain our level, and it is not certain that their girls do the same, says the WC comet June Arnekleiv (23)girlfriend with biathlon colleague Sivert Guttorm Bakken (24).

Tandrevold says her fiance always cheers and supports, and contributes with her security and knowledge so that she gets better.

– Biathlon is a big part of my life, and then it becomes a very big part of Trygve’s life. He shares my ups and downs, even though he is more stable than me, and is my rock, says Tandrevold.

She realizes that the jabs from the boys are coming, and says “we girls” are very lucky to have that support from home.

– Now both Sverre to Marte and Anders to Ida are accredited here as coaches here in the WC. It might be “next level”. Trygve rather comes down to the weekend as a regular audience and doesn’t take it too far. We are just very lucky, grateful…and in love!

The aforementioned Bø characterizes the ladies as “good tacticians”.

– We guys on the team have chosen based on slightly different preferences. Second, we often look for a partner, while the ladies choose a little differently than us, jokes Tarjei Bøengaged to Gita Simonsen.

Vetle Sjåstad Christiansen praises VG’s detective work in the work on this case, as it is he himself who tends to be the leaker of details about the inner life of the national biathlon team.

– Every time we are training, we see that they are there with their type, so it is not out of thin air. In relation to us on the boys’ team, we have the exact opposite and try to separate the private and biathlon, while they entangle it in a mess, says the 29-year-old humorously.

– How do they cope with these stings?

– They take it very well. Because we don’t make fun for no reason. It is not direct bullying, there is always something in the background and is a basis for the comments. They have no choice but to take it easy, because deep down they know it themselves too!

The women walk the normal distance at 2.30pm on Wednesday, on NRK 1 – probably with both one and two trainer boyfriends near the tracks.


Published: 14.02.23 at 12:13 p.m

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