Durek’s mother about her son: – He is dangerous


In an exclusive interview with Se og Hør, Durek Verrett’s mother Veruschka Urquhart (79) provides a number of startling information about her son Durek Verrett (48).

SHOCK INTERVIEW: In Tuesday’s edition of Se og Hør you can read the interview with Durek Verrett’s mother. Photo: Facsimile / Se og Hør
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The self-proclaimed shaman Durek Verrett has made many different claims about his family and background, which the mother claims are pure lies on Durek’s part.

Veruschka has previously said that she felt let down when Durek and Märtha celebrated a grand Christmas in New York, while she sat alone and abandoned in the same city, and had to read about her son’s Christmas celebration on social media.

Was introduced as “gay friend”

In the new interview, she now warns the Norwegian people against her son, and claims that Princess Märtha Louise (51) has been brainwashed:

– I’m sorry to have to say it, but the princess has been brainwashed by my son. I actually think he has run away with her brain, says Veruschka in the exclusive interview.

PROUD DUREK: Durek Verret was proud as a rooster when, for the first time, he was able to attend a gala dinner at the Castle, in connection with Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s coming-of-age day. On the left is Princess Märtha Louise, who Durek’s mum claims has been brainwashed by her son. Photo: NTB
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You can read the entire shocking interview in which Durek’s mother refutes in detail many of her son’s fabricated claims about his background and life in the Pluss article below.

– My son has brainwashed Märtha

Durek’s mother now hopes that Princess Märtha will soon open her eyes and look past her eloquent son:

“He’s dangerous”
Veruschka Urquhart about her son

– My son is very charismatic. I don’t know where he gets all his stories from or why he spreads all these lies. He is dangerous. I want to warn all Norwegians against my own son, she says in the interview with Se og Hør.

Strong meeting between Durek and Ari’s family

Durek’s mother is not happy with the many false stories she claims Durek is spreading. Princess Märtha’s fiance is said to have lied to both Märtha and journalists, and in the big case in Se og Hør several examples of this come to light.

We have tested Durek Verrett’s knowledge in a small royal house quiz. Reporter: Elise Violeta Ness Aksnes. Video: Nora Skavhaug. Cut: Celina Morken
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Controversial book

Durek Verrett has received a great deal of criticism for the content of his book “Spirit Hacking”, which was translated into Norwegian and finally published by the publisher Lille Måne.

SPREADING LIES: In the podcast

SPREADING LIES: In the podcast “Expanded”, Durek Verret makes several claims about her mother, to which she reacts strongly. Photo: @expanded/Youtube
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However, it was Cappelen Damm who first secured the rights to the book, but when it became known that Durek claimed, among other things, that cancer could be self-inflicted, they chose to withdraw from the collaboration.

– There are passages in this book which, in my opinion, are very problematic, in particular those which deal with the causes of cancer, and the possibilities of treating cancer, said publishing manager Knut Olav Ulvestad to Dagbladet after they scrapped the book.

Was warned by the ex

In 2020, Durek’s ex-fiancé Hank Greenberg (50) gave an interview to Se og Hør and told how Durek Verrett allegedly brainwashed him.

– Durek’s previous girlfriend tried to warn me when we got together. I wish I had listened. Now I feel that Princess Märtha Louise should be given the same warning, Hank stated three years ago.

GLITTER: The self-proclaimed shaman and the band The Jacketeers had a launch party for the song

GLITTER: The self-proclaimed shaman and the band The Jacketeers had a launch party for the song “Afterski i Queill” at the Heidi’s Bier Bar in Oslo in April, and Märtha’s fiancé was dressed in gold. PHOTO: Andreas fadum
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After Hank stood up and warned, it didn’t take long for Princess Märtha and Durek to hire a lawyer and threaten legal action in an attempt to silence Hank.

Until now, Durek Verrett’s mother has stayed out of the press. But in March, Se og Hør traveled to New York, and got her to speak. Video: Lars Gautneb. Photos: Private, Instagram/@shamandurek. Cut: Nora Skavhaug.
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Get a lump in the throat

Veruschka Urquhart finds it painful to have to retaliate against her own son. But she says in the interview that it has now gone so far that there is no alternative to do nothing.

– I get a lump in my throat when I think about how it turned out.

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