Warholm shoes attract attention: – Will revolutionize

Warholm shoes attract attention: – Will revolutionize
Warholm shoes attract attention: – Will revolutionize

The competitors probably opened their eyes when Karsten Warholm met for his comeback in a studded variant only the inner circle in Team Warholm and Puma had seen before Saturday night.

They were finally approved for use just a few days before the championship started.

A claw at the very end of the shoe tip has given very good results during testing.

TV 2 got to see the prototype during a session in Vallhall ahead of the WC.

– It is Leif’s latest invention. He just calls it “claw”. He believes it will revolutionize the entire shoe industry, says Warholm.

– Extremely stiff

Alnes himself is reluctant to reveal too many details about the shoe. But TV 2 knows that various tests show that the shoe is faster than studded shoes without a claw.

The claw increases the contact time with the substrate. Which in turn leads to a better utilization of the energy contained in the carbon sole.

KLO: This is what the underside of Warholm’s shoes looks like. Photo: Daniel Sannum Lauten

In addition, it is built up with a midsole of foam that provides both cushioning and an extra bounce.

But it is the claw that makes Warholm’s shoes stand out from the others on the market.

– It is a very special shoe. It’s an aggressive shoe. It has an extremely rigid carbon plate in it, in addition to a bouncing layer of foam, Warholm explains.

# BS

Warholm has previously been an opponent of the revolutionary scout development in recent years.

Therefore, he got Puma with him on an ironic statement on the shoes. On the heel they have printed BS . Which is a well-known topic on social media for the English term “bullshit”.

– But when development goes that way, then we just have to follow. It’s like skating or other things that have changed the game completely in other sports.

Warholm played easily to the semifinals of the World Cup

Makes clicking sound

The most striking thing about the shoes is not the claw on the tip, but the sound the shoe makes when you run fast and hard with them.

Then comes a metallic clap sound, which really differs from the rest of the sprint shoes on the market.

It is the carbon in the claw that makes the characteristic sound.

– Do the competitors have reason to fear the clack shoe?

– He-he. Yes, maybe they should. At least it’s a good shoe. In my opinion, clearly the market leader, says Warholm.

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