Reacts to TV images: – Embarrassing

LILLEHAMMER (Dagbladet): – Oi, exclaims the Polish woman when Dagbladet shows her the pictures.

She continues:

– I am embarrassed, but I think it is more embarrassing for those who organize the race than for me. They should do something about this, says Marcisz.

NOT SATISFIED: Izabela Marcisz. Photo: Bjørn Langsem
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– A mistake

The various countries participating in the World Cup have their own zone around the stadium, where they can change and leave clothes or valuables. They are naturally placed close to the start zone, often around where the journalists, support staff and those organizing the race are standing.

Filming there is great. The athletes are used to both changing and making the final preparations in peace and quiet, without this being caught by the lenses.

CLOSE ON: TV 2’s eminent team Caroline Simonsen and Petter Northug after the women’s 10 kilometers on Friday. In the background you see the booths where the athletes change. Photo: Bjørn Langsem / Dagbladet
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However, on live TV it is difficult to guard against everything. If it’s sent, it’s sent. It’s not just pressing the delete button, breathing a sigh of relief and moving on.

And that’s what Marcisz got to experience on Friday morning. Poland was among the nations that had the shift zone right behind the rights holders. This meant that her final preparations were, by accident, broadcast directly to TV 2’s viewers.

– In Ruka we had a separate changing zone, but here it is uncomfortable for the women. When you have to change, you have to change. It would have been a good idea to do something about this, because it was uncomfortable for me, she tells Dagbladet.

The Swedish star Frida Karlsson says that a lot happens in the minutes before the athlete is about to leave, but she did not like that it was broadcast live:

– It’s a mistake. A lot happens before the race, but we don’t think it will be filmed, she tells Dagbladet. Sweden also had a changing zone that was safely away from the cameras of the rights holders.

ELEVEN WILL CHEER: Heidi Weng set off a roar of jubilation that everyone in the arena heard, Even Northug fears that his older brother will have to be censored and the Polish performer Izabela Marcisz has made herself known to the Norwegian TV viewers. Video: Løkås/Haarstad. Photo: Bjørn Langsem. Clip: Pictures from TV 2
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Hope something happens

Dagbladet has shown the live images to TV 2.

– We would have liked to have been apart of this being shown, but it happened so quickly that we did not become aware of this until afterwards. Our camera position follows the organizer’s and FIS’s setup, so we hope they will address this so that this type of image will not be shown on TV in the future, says press manager Jan-Petter Dahl to Dagbladet.

Dagbladet has also been in contact with FIS’ media contact Synne Dyrhaug. She states that there is a tent where the athletes can change, right by the starting area.

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