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REDDIT: Enya Iversen Wick (19) has had her name spread in reddit threads several times, including this weekend. Photo: Private

Pictures of named Norwegian girls are in demand on Reddit. Some of the photos are also resold on other social media platforms.


Updated just now

On Tuesday, NRK and TV 2 wrote about forums on Reddit where men are asking for nude photos of young Norwegian girls.

In some of the cases, the girls are minors, i.e. under 18 years of age.

VG has seen chat rooms on Discord where you can pay money to get nude photos of Norwegian girls. Both sharing and selling such images is illegal.

On Reddit, users write that they have folders that can also be shared through the file sharing service Mega for just a 50 note.

– We have examples of collections of files on Mega with Norwegian girls. Many are named with names and places, says Jostein Dammyr, professional leader of the online patrol in the East police district.

NOK 50: A user on Reddit is offering pictures of Norwegian girls for just NOK 50 online. Photo: Screenshot/Reddit

Has shared fake photos of the 19-year-old

Recently, the police have received a lot of information about a specific subforum on Reddit where people ask for pictures of named girls or girls from named places.

One of those who experienced this at the weekend is 19-year-old Enya Iversen Wick. But this is not the first time she has experienced it. The same thing happened when she was 17.

At that time I was sent that they asked about me and several other girls, and that they had pictures of me.

She was absolutely certain that there were no nude photos of her out there, and had a friend examine the alleged photos of her.

Then we were sent bikini pictures that I had already posted, and I didn’t care too much about that because I posted them myself. But then there were two different pictures of two different girls, who were thin and blonde with their mobile phone in front of their face, which was supposed to be me. I obviously and clearly saw that it wasn’t me, she says to VG.

Wick has also spoken to TV 2 about the photo sharing.

CONVERSATIONS: This is what one of the conversations on Reddit looks like. Photo: Screenshot

Eventually it dawned on her that people might think they were pictures of her since it was her name that was associated with the pictures that were out there.

– I’ve posted a bikini picture when I’m on holiday and stuff like that. Fair enough that I have it out, but the fact that it becomes something that someone will use for something sexual makes it disgusting, she says.

She also thinks it’s disgusting to think that pictures of her could have been spread around and that people could have made money from it.

– I don’t post them on OnlyFans or make money from those pictures. But these people who sell my pictures do.

Trying to find out how big the scope is

The police know that the file-sharing service Mega has been used to share nude pictures of Norwegian girls.

– Database collections are shared there with images that we know they are trying to sell, says Dammyr in the online patrol.

Mega is like a regular file sharing service and can be compared to Dropbox.

– We are trying to investigate how big that market actually is.

PHOTO SHARING: Jostein Dammyr is professional leader of the online patrol in the East police district. Photo: Private

Ask people to get in touch

Sharing pictures of children is a criminal offence. In addition, it is a criminal offense to share sexual images of someone who has not consented to it.

Both the police’s online patrol and Kripos, which is part of the police, ask people who experience pictures of them being spread online to get in touch.

– Contact the local police and report it, says Dammyr.

People can also contact their local online patrol, according to the police.

If the police don’t get the information, we can’t do anything either. In many cases, the police are able to identify people who do not provide anything other than their username on the internet. At the same time, it is not always that the police succeed in an investigation, for various reasons, says police chief Hanne Andreassen in Kripos.

The police are also asking places where this happens to take greater responsibility.

– The scope is large, also international, and it involves services in other countries. The services, such as Reddit, should take greater responsibility for not being a facilitator for the spread of abuse material and other illegal material.

Reddit tells TV 2 that the sharing of images without consent is against their goals and that the sharing of such content is prohibited, according to their guidelines.

They also say that they are actively working to remove content and forums that violate the guidelines and that they have made it easier to report such content.

– Reddit is constantly looking for new ways to discover such content, writes the Reddit spokesperson to the channel.

The article is in Norwegian

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