Traffic, Accident | Collision accident between car and truck

Traffic, Accident | Collision accident between car and truck
Traffic, Accident | Collision accident between car and truck
(Gudbrandsdølen Dagningen)

The police received a report of a traffic accident on the E6 in Øyer just after 8.30pm on Tuesday evening. There must be an accident between a lorry and a car.

The emergency services are on the scene just before 9 p.m.

The accident must have happened a couple of hundred meters south of the exit at Ensby.

According to GD’s reporter on the scene, Arnfinn Skinlo, the passenger car will have extensive material damage after colliding with the front of the lorry.

– The car can be defined as a total wreck, says Skinlo.

There are queues on both sides of the accident. GD’s reporter estimates the queue to stretch a kilometer south.

The train has come from the south and the car apparently from the north, but after the powerful collision the car has moved so much that it is difficult to judge for sure, according to Skinlo.

Two people involved

Operations manager in the Innlandet police district, Øyvind Bakken, informs GD that there must have been one person in each vehicle. The driver of the truck is not expected to have any serious injuries. The driver of the car is said to have been conscious when the emergency services arrived, and has been taken to hospital by ambulance.

– The E6 must be expected to be closed for some time to come, says Bakken.

At least one was taken to hospital

The incident leader on site is Torolf Kjendseth. About half an hour after the emergency services arrived at the scene of the accident, there is little information available.

Can you say something about personal injury?

– It is too early to say anything about, replies Kjendseth.

He says that at least one person has been taken to hospital, but will not say anything about the extent of the damage.

– There is material damage, but we have to get back to how big they are, he says.

He has no idea about the cause of the accident, nor can he say anything about how long the E6 will be closed.

The police will carry out crime scene investigations throughout the evening.

– DWe don’t think anything of that

GD receives tips that several motorists choose to turn around and drive in the opposite direction to the queues that have formed after the accident. Skinlo says that the cars closest to the accident site have been diverted away, but beyond this the others in the queues will be left without the possibility of detouring until further notice.

In connection with previous incidents, the police have given clear instructions regarding turning around when you are stuck in a queue:

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Here they are breaking the law: – Can end up with driver’s license confiscation

Almost three hours after the accident, there is still a queue in both directions.

There is no bypass on the east side of Lågen as Gudbrandsdalsveien (Fylkesvei 2522), which runs parallel to the E6, is closed due to roadworks.

The queue on the south side of the accident now stretches several kilometers south.

Just after midnight, the Innlandet police district reported that the accident team to the road authorities had finished their work on the scene.

– Salvage of the vehicles starts now. The road will reopen as soon as recovery is complete. It is expected that this work will take a short time, the police said.

Just before 02.00, the road traffic control center announced that the road is open to traffic in both directions.

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