Large fire in a recycling facility in Sandnes – the building may collapse


There is a strong fire in IVAR’s recycling plant at Forus in Sandnes. The fire is spreading, and the police believe there is a danger that the building could collapse.

Photo: Carina Johansen / Stavanger Aftenblad
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Less than 20 minutes ago

The police in the south-west sign on

that a major effort is underway at the site to contain the fire. The recycling facility is considered a total loss, and there is a danger that it could collapse, the police write. They are urging people in the area to keep windows and doors closed as there is heavy smoke coming from the site.

The police’s incident leader, Kim Flakstad, previously told NRK that the smoke coming from the fire is dangerous. Acting fire chief, Tom Meyer, told NRK at 15.15 that he thought one wall in the recycling facility of IVAR at Forus was going to collapse.

Earlier, the fire brigade gave up on extinguishing the heavy fire from the inside. The police have sent out a warning about possible dangerous smoke.

The emergency services were notified of the fire at 9.42am on Friday. 15 people were evacuated. An hour later, fire crews had the fire under control, but it then flared up again in a conveyor belt.

According to Aftenbladet, several spectators have gathered in the area around the fire.

Photo: Jan Inge Haga / Stavanger Aftenblad

Photo: Jan Inge Haga / Stavanger Aftenblad

Published: July 22, 2022 4:21 p.m

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