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Races were planned for both elite runners and exercisers, and there were many who wanted to test their form through 25 laps in the stadium this evening. 120 runners completed all the rounds in the exercise class. And the level was good.

Thomas Linnebo Mollestad and Randi Marie Dyrkolbotn were fastest

First out at the stadium on Sunday evening was the 10,000 meters for exercisers, and here there were probably several runners who fit into the category super exercisers. The winning time in the men’s class was 32.53, and it was Thomas Linnebo Mollestad from Kristiansand who clocked in at that time. Jaroslaw Sosin from Grimstad running club took a very strong second place with 33.31. It should be added that he runs in the 55-59 age class. In other words, a very strong time from Jaroslaw, who runs for Poland. Third best was Knud Salsås from the organizing club Kristiansand running club. He got the time 34.09.

Thomas Linnebo Mollestad after finishing the race. (Photo: The organizer)

The 5 best

Place BIB Name Club Class Time Behind
1 275 Thomas Linnebo Mollestad Kristiansand S M20-22 32:53.0 0:00.0
2 264 Jaroslaw Sosin Grimstad Running Club M55-59 33:31.0 0:38.0
3 299 Knud Kalsås Kristiansand Running Club M50-54 34:09.0 1:16.0
4 267 Stian Urdal Kbr M23-34 34:16.0 1:23.0
5 271 Anders Tveit Birkenes IL M23-34 34:36.0 1:43.0

Randi Marie Dyrkolbotn from Mandal and Halse IL won the women’s class with 39.27. She runs in the 40-44 age class. Marianne Hilmarsen from Flekkerøy Running Club took second place with 41.14, while Trine Holmer-Hoven was third with 41.28.

Randi Dyrkolbotn was the fastest woman in the 10,000 meters. (Photo: The organizer)

The 5 best

Place BIB Name Club Class Time Behind
1 246 Randi Marie Dyrkolbotn Mandal and Halse IL-Athletics K40-44 39:27.0 0:00.0
2 206 Marianne Hilmarsen Flekkerøy Running Club K35-39 41:14.0 1:47.0
3 207 Trine Holmer-Hoven Kristiansand Running Club K45-49 41:28.0 2:01.0
4 162 Maria Bjerkreim Risdal Kristiansand S K40-44 42:05.0 2:38.0
5 166 Josefin Angel-Dalane KFlekkerøy Running Club K45-49 42:20.0 3:01.0

10,000 meters for the elite

Unfortunately, there were no women in action at the longest distance for the elite runners, but 10 men completed the race. The fastest of these was Morten Gjendem from Haugesund Sports Club. He ran in 30.33. He seemed pleased, although the aim was obviously to break the 30-minute mark.
– Good traction assistance to 5200m. Wanted to see the 29s today but it was tough to run alone the last part. Him to train and try again another time. Good relationship and good audience. Nice to take the win then, he writes on Strava.

Lars Aanensen from Mandal was second with 31.22, and Fredrik Bjørnstad Schwencke from Kamp/Vestheim IF was third with 31.23


Gabriel Ingebretsen (103) is ahead of Lars Aanensen (109). (Photo: The organizer).

The 5 best

Place BIB Name Club Time Behind
1 112 Morten Gjendem Haugesund Sports Club 30:33.0 0:00.0
2 109 Lars Aanensen Mandala 31:22.0 0:49.0
3 111 Fredrik Biørnstad Schwencke Kamp/Vestheim IF 31:23.0 0:50.0
4 103 Gabriel Ingebretsen Kristiansand Running Club 31:27.0 0:54.0
5 114 Bjorn Erik Langstein Tomrefjord Sports Club 31:36.0 1:03.0

Persians for promising youngsters at 3000 metres

In the men’s class, it was Lukas Buncic from Ull/Kisa who won with a time of 8.22. Sun-ready new press as far as Kondis can understand. The 17-year-old has previously run 8.46.73 (UM in 2023). In the women’s class, too, there was solid competition. Venus Abraham Teffera, also from Ull/Kisa, lowered her time from last year’s 10.10.21 to 9.33.32.

3000m-147.jpgTrine Mjaaland in front of Venus Abraham Teffera and Kerstin Kalsås. (Photo: The organizer)


Place BIB Name Club Time Behind
1 136 Lukas Buncic Ullensaker/Kisa IL Athletics 8:22.0 0:00.0
2 135 Andreas Lindebø Kvaerner Ullensaker/Kisa IL Athletics 8:39.0 0:17.0
3 138 Håkon Kamlesh Helzer Sørstad 8:42.0 0:20.0
4 130 Elias Haugen Torjussen Sports club Vidar 8:45.0 0:23.0
5 131 Hans Petter Berg Rolke Kristiansand Running Club 8:47.0 0:25.0
6 132 Ole-Kristian Lindebø Kvaerner Ullensaker/Kisa IL Athletics 9:05.0 0:43.0
7 134 Martin Ukkelberg Sløgedal Kristiansands IF Athletics 9:06.0 0:44.0
8 151 Helge Eidsnes Kristiansand Running Club 19:22.0 11:00.0
9 133 Kristian Tjørnhom Kristiansand Running Club 3:58.0 4:24.0


Place BIB Name Club Time Behind
1 145 Venus Abraham Teffera Ullensaker/Kisa IL Athletics 9:34.0 0:00.0
2 147 Trine Mjaaland 9:44.0 0:10.0
3 146 Kerstin Kalsås Kristiansand Running Club 10:33.0 0:59.0

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