Sandefjord, 17 May 2024 | This is how we celebrate peace, love for our country and Sandefjord


“Wherever you go in the woods and mountains. A winter’s day a summer’s evening, with fjord and waterfall. From meadows and bogs with pine trees. From the sea’s brow with fishing villages and to the white reefs…».

These are the lyrics you should know during this year’s celebration – in addition to “Ja vi elsker”, of course.

This year’s May 17 program in Sandefjord, Andebu, Kodal, Høyjord, Stokke, Melsomvik and Arnadal is below. There aren’t many changes from before, but it might be good to check. Among other things, the children’s train in Sandefjord center starts a little earlier than usual.

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Friday 17 May

In Sandefjord:

  • Salute, flag parade and opening of the day in Sandefjord municipality, The town is awakened, Byvekterne, Sandefjord music corps, 17 May committee etc., at 07.00
  • Wreath-laying and speech by Andreas Withbro, Guards of Honor Kathe D. Nielsen and Thorgunn Krohn from the Norwegian Lottery Association Singing by Sandefjords Sangforening and Vocal group Harperne, Seamen’s Memorial at Ekeberg cemetery at 08.30
  • Joint number “Norway in red, white and blue” in Badeparken, at 09.50
  • Salute and the children’s train start, leaving from the Bathing Park (Route: Bathing Park – Dronningens gate – Prinsens gate – Kongens gate – Dronningens gate – Landstads gate – Jernbaneallee – Stockfleths gate – Chr. Hvidts plass – Storgata – Museumsgata – Kongens gate – Jernbaneallee – Bathing Park) at . 10.00
  • 17 May service with laying of flowers, priest Bjørnar Tho and organist Stian Tveit, Sandefjord church at 12.15
  • Concert with Hvalkjæften, Preståsen amphitheater at 12.30 p.m
  • Wreath-laying and speeches at the Seamen’s memorial (separate programme), Sandefjord church at 12.45 p.m
  • Free cinema for families with children (from 6 years), Ender p aventyr, Hjertnes at 1 p.m
  • Program in the City Park in Sandefjord, speech of the day by Kim Grung Kolstad and Russian President Kinga Dinter’s speech, song “Norway in red white and blue” etc. at 2 p.m
  • 17 May concert with Sandefjord music corps in Byparken at 14.15
  • Social meeting place with lunch, citizens’ train and disco (16 – 25 years), Fellesverket at 14.00 – 21.00

  • The Borgertoget and Russetoget start from the Badeparken (Route: Dronningens gate – Prinsens gate – Kongens gate – Kirkegata – Stockfleths gate – Dronningens gate – Landstads gate – Jernbanealleen – Badeparken), at 17.00
  • DJ KEA with Absolute Music Hits at James Clark from 10 p.m

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In Andebu, Kodal and Høyjord:

  • Speech and wreath-laying, by Bjarne Sommerstad, Andebu School’s Music Corps and Fristad youth orchestra, Memorial De falne, Andebu Herredshus at 08.00

  • The children’s train i Kodal from Kodal school to Kodal church at 09.00
  • Divine service in Høyjord stave church by priest Ingrid Strand Tanberg and organist Andreas Ringstad at 09.30
  • Speech and wreath-laying at the memorial stone to the fallen, Kodal church at 09.45
  • Divine service in Kodal church by priest Erik Brøntveit and organist Ellisiv Tandberg at 10.00
  • Poetry reading and wreath-laying at the memorial to the fallen by students from 5th grade, Høyjord school, Høyjord stave church at 10.15
  • The children’s train in Høyjord from Høyjord stave church to Haugarplassen, speech for the day at 10.15
  • Festive service with sign language interpretation by priest Ingrid Strand Tandberg and organist Andreas Ringstad, Andebu church at 11 a.m
  • Speech for the day and wreath-laying at the memorial stone for the fallen, by Anne Langeland and poetry reading by students from year 7, Andebu school, Andebu church at 11.45
  • The children’s train in Andebu, march route: from Andebu church – Andebu housing and treatment center – Møylandsenteret – Andebu school at 12.15
  • The children’s speech i Kodal, speech from students at 7th grade, Kodal school at 12.20
  • Event, youth club Morella i Duck nest (for 6th and 7th grade) at 15.00 – 19.00
  • Event for young people aged 13 to 18, Kulturhuset Vonheim i Kodal at 14.00 – 21.00

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In Stokke, Melsomvik and Arnadal

  • Salute in Stokke city centre at 08.00
  • Wreath-laying and speech at the memorial for the fallen by Tore Simonsen and service by priest Jan Otto Bustadmo and organist Jamie Nicholas Lewis, Arnadal church at 08.45
  • The children’s train in Melsomvik (with breakfast) at 09.00
  • The children’s train in Arnadal, march route: Arnadal sports field – Skåum – Vennerødveien – Arnadal sports field at 10.00
  • Wreath-laying and speech at the monument to the fallen, Korpset Vårt plays, Stokke city centre at the cemetery at 10.30 am
  • The children’s speech in Arnadal wood Arnadal sports ground at 10.45
  • Divine service in Stokke church by priest Jan Otto Bustadmo and organist Ahmad Mirzayed at 11 a.m
  • Concert with Korpset Vårt, Lilletorget i Cane at 11.30 am
  • The children’s and citizens’ train in Stokke, march route: Soletunet – Kirkeveien – Prestegården – Fredrik Stangs gate – Jevnakerveien – Ysterigata – Engveien – walkway at the Engveiensenteret – Frydenbergveien – Fredrik Stangs gate – Bokemoa at 12.15
  • Family event in Bokemoa, Stokke village farm starting at. 13.15
  • Family event at Melsom school, games, kiosk and raffle from 2:30 p.m
  • Family event at Arnadal sports ground, games, kiosk and raffle at 3 p.m

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Sandefjord municipality has created the programs for the day.

Norway in red, white and blue was written in 1941 during the occupation. The text is by Finn Bø, Bias Bernhoft and Arild Feldborg, while the melody is composed by Lars-Erik Larsson.

“As a sign of the rainbow under the cloud, it shall stand forever in the future. See it sparkling again over the city. In the red and white and blue!”

The article is in Norwegian


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