Shots fired at a fast food restaurant in Nydalen in Oslo: – As of now, it appears to be a targeted incident

Shots fired at a fast food restaurant in Nydalen in Oslo: – As of now, it appears to be a targeted incident
Shots fired at a fast food restaurant in Nydalen in Oslo: – As of now, it appears to be a targeted incident
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The perpetrator is said to have fired shots in the fast food premises and ran away, the police say. Now the police are hunting for the man with great resources.


Less than 50 minutes ago

Updated just now

The case is updated.

– We cannot have shootings in the city of Oslo in any way. Here, someone has been exposed to life-threatening danger, and we will make sure to clarify that.

That’s what team leader Tore Barstad says at the scene in Nydalen, where a fast food employee himself called the police at 9.39pm after the shot was fired.

According to the police, it currently appears to be a targeted incident, but no one has been injured. Only inventory in the fast food restaurant has been hit.

– To us, this does not appear to be a completely random shooting, although we do not know anything about what the background may be, says Barstad.

Unknown motive

As far as the police know, there should not have been more people in the room than the perpetrator and the employee, he further states.

– What we know and see on the video we have secured, is one perpetrator – but whether he had helpers on the outside, we have to come back to that.

He says it is too early to speculate on both a possible motive and connection with other shooting incidents in the capital recently.

Police: The perpetrator ran away

Operations leader Barstad says that the shot was fired with a one-handed weapon.

The perpetrator has then run out of the fast food restaurant in what the police believe is downhill towards Akerselva, he explains.

Descriptions of the perpetrator are that he is wearing a dark top with something red on his left arm. There is some writing on the jacket or sweater, which is white and red.

– We have relatively large police resources that are out to cover up what we think is the escape route, says Barstad.

Asking for tips about the perpetrator

– We are of course interested in getting in touch with anyone who has seen something, or a person with this description, either before or after the incident, says Barstad.

The police are interviewing the victim in the case.

– It is quite obvious that a shot has been fired, now fortunately it has not hit anything other than the inventory, says Barstad.

The police have already secured surveillance video from the scene, and say that there are generally many surveillance videos in Nydalen that they are now working to secure.

Findings indicate shots fired at the scene

Operations manager Alexander Østerhaug told VG shortly after they reported the incident, that the police quickly made discoveries that indicated that the shots took place inside the fast food restaurant.

– It is based on findings of damage inside the restaurant, as well as video surveillance and witness statements.

– What kind of damage?

– I don’t want to go into that, but several things allow us to conclude with what we have started with so far, concludes Østerhaug.


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