Tina Stiegler will be the new division director for Innovation Norway

Tina Stiegler will be the new division director for Innovation Norway
Tina Stiegler will be the new division director for Innovation Norway

Tina Stiegler will be the new divisional director of Innovation Norway.
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Withdrew the day last spring after a conflict over her role in Media Bergen. In May, she takes up a new position.

Last spring, KOM24 confirmed that CEO Tina Stiegler resigned from her position as head of all Apriil companies after only eleven months in the CEO’s chair.

That is why Tina Stiegler resigns as CEO: – Not possible in my life situation

The background was a conflict about her role in the group, which she confirmed later on the same day.

– After some consideration, I have come to the conclusion that Media Bergen needs a leader with a different profile than what I have – as the role has developed, said Stiegler.

It is now known where the road goes next for her. She will lead Innovation Norway’s largest customer division as the company’s new divisional director for social and business development. Stiegler will take up the position during May.

This is revealed in a press release.

A crucial role

Stiegler has extensive management and board experience. She has extensive management experience from Schibsted, including as a member of the company’s top management. She is also former CEO of Media Bergen and has been CEO of Umoe.

– I am happy and humbled to have been given this opportunity to contribute to Innovation Norway’s important social mission and to the green transformation of Norwegian business, says Stiegler.

Innovation Norway works closely with both small and large companies in various parts of the business world, both in Norway and internationally. The division that Stiegler will lead has overall responsibility for the company’s regional offices throughout the country, and for ensuring a comprehensive and relevant offer of expertise and financing services that remedy market failures and contribute to business development.

– I believe that my commercial and digital background will be useful in the role, and hope that I can contribute to Innovation Norway continuing to play a decisive role for our customers and clients, says Stiegler.

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Finished her PHD – now she has got a new job

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