Debate, Railway | The railway – reason prevailed

Debate, Railway | The railway – reason prevailed
Debate, Railway | The railway – reason prevailed

Reader’s letter This is a debate entry, written by an external contributor. The post expresses the writer’s views.

In August 2019, we were told, from the top, that they did not have the finances to build new railway stations, only for upgrades between the stations. Thanks for that! And here between Stokke and Sandefjord, Bane NOR and the politicians planned no less than three railway stations, within a train time of 9 minutes. Hello?

Yes, we were happy, all of us who thought about nature, the wildlife, the bird life, and all the densely built-up residential areas, and farms, which would have become a thing of the past if this decision had come to pass.

And, this “no” came only 2-3 months after all the politicians, from all parties, led by Bane NOR, had unanimously agreed to this horribly destructive route. A historic decision, they called this. Yes, it was historic for me. Nothing but a real nightmare, for the poor people who have been sitting in their lazy houses, in the fifth year, I think it is. But the politicians did not take no, for a no, and have continued since 2016, i.e. for 8 years, with investigations on all sides. So they obviously received a large pot of investigation money, at the start, which they had to use up at the cost of life and death. Therefore, half of Sandefjord has been drilled to pieces, on all sides and edges, along the proposed route, and liquid quick clay has bubbled up, both here and there. But thank you and praise, now this madness is over.

Think of all the billions of kroner that have gone into this stillborn project. Why did the politicians put common sense on the shelf, and blindly trust Bane NOR’s proposal? A Bane NOR that had suddenly started urban planning, on top of it all. After all, they also bought up two properties, from Jotun, along our current route, at miles above valuation. Who paid this guild, I wonder? The taxpayers of course.

I think the politicians were talked around by Bane NOR. A short time ago, it was read that the politicians, in Sandefjord, had refused to get meeting places for the trains, along our current route, so that they could nevertheless realize “two trains per hour”. What? Did they say no? Did I hear correctly? Hello?

We have realized that it was not THAT that was important here. No, it was urban development along the old railway route that was in focus. We have seen these urban development drawings in the newspaper, several times. Completely hair-raising, to see that our railway station was to be moved out of town, and up to Bugården/Gymnaset. The train travelers then had to depend on taxis or buses to get down to the city. Who plans this? Hello?

And then we have the best location imaginable, at today’s railway station, with a view down to the harbour. And, not to mention today’s route, which lies there on flat fields, where you look out over fields and forests. Clearly the best place for expansion, if needed. And think about it, it’s almost embarrassing to write this, the saving in time, by demolishing half of Sandefjord, would be almost 40 seconds, according to Bane NOR itself. It is questionable whether it was not urban planning with many agendas, which became the main focus here.

I see that politicians are still coming forward and will fight for this stillborn route. In these “green” times, they should really whistle to me, understand what they are really voting for. I think it is enough now, with environmental crime in our municipality. Our fjord was poisoned, from the factories along the fjord, which only emptied toxins into the fjord, for years, without a thought for life in the fjord. Poor fish and plants, and the people and animals this happened to. We are still struggling with this. And now the plan was to start at Hjertås, Sandefjord’s best hiking terrain. No way! Sweet dreams!

Dear all of you, who sit in tied houses. I rejoice, deep in my heart, that the shackles must finally be lifted, and that you will get your freedom back. But imagine that this nightmare would take a full 8 years. Who could believe it? Fight for everything you hold dear… It paid off. Thanks for the fight, guys!

The article is in Norwegian

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