Tuva Hansen, Gemma Grainger | Hansen notices a difference after she left Norway: – Something completely different

Tuva Hansen, Gemma Grainger | Hansen notices a difference after she left Norway: – Something completely different
Tuva Hansen, Gemma Grainger | Hansen notices a difference after she left Norway: – Something completely different

Tuva Hansen left Brann for Bayern Munich before the 2023 season. She is looking forward to it on behalf of her old club.

Teams from Bergen have impressed greatly in the Champions League and recently measured their strength against Barcelona themselves.

– It shows that you can achieve anything. It’s cool that they got this far and that they get the tribute they actually deserve, says Hansen to NTB.

She talks about a completely different everyday life in Germany versus Norway.

– The top series is on its way. There is a long way to go, because I know how good it can be in some of the best clubs. We are on the right track, says Hansen.

– What are the biggest differences from Brann to Bayern Munich?

– It’s probably everything apart from professionalism and the facilities, because there it’s a completely different level. They have very, very much funds, says Hansen.

Points to Fire success

And national team manager Gemma Grainger has great faith in the Toppserien and the players it can produce in the coming years.

She also highlights the most recent example, when Brann met the big club Barcelona in the Champions League quarter-finals. There was a loss, but the Bergens scored two goals against a team that has a habit of keeping a clean sheet.

– Seeing what a Norwegian team in the quarter-finals of the Champions League is doing for the league here at home is only going to make the national team better, says Grainger, who says that she has had close contact with Brann coach Martin Ho.

– I know Martin, and he has spoken to me about the areas he has wanted to develop, and Brann has invested very well. It’s not just about what happens on the pitch. I really like the way Brann plays and to see them do it against Barcelona was a sign of how good they are and it’s good that our players got to test themselves against the best.

TV and iPad

Many screens are needed when Grainger is now looking for new players relevant to the national team. She believes the Toppserien has great and unrealized potential.

Norway will meet Finland and the Netherlands in European Championship qualifiers next week. The Norwegian squad has nine players in the domestic league, while 14 play their part in European football.

Since taking over as Norwegian national team manager, Grainger has created a system for scouting for relevant players. Both Europe and Toppserien are taken care of there.

– I have a system for every player in the Toppserien and every player in Europe. We have a system of how we observe the players, and for me it’s a balance between being there myself or watching it on TV. At home, I can watch five or six matches at the same time with TV and Ipad on the side, says Grainger to NTB.

– In a very good position

Grainger thinks it is tough to compare the Toppserien with other European leagues. Among other things, the English WSL is fully professional. Grainger is waiting for that to happen in Norway.

– It is difficult to compare with other leagues. The WSL has been professional for almost ten years, while the Norwegian league is still working towards becoming fully professional for all teams. We are in a very good position at the moment and the players are developing well. If the Toppserien is professional in ten years, it can be as competitive as any other, says Grainger and adds:

– The season has just started. I see many strong qualities and well-organized teams. Players grow and so does professionalism. I am very positive about what is being added to the league.

She is clear that the investment in the league must continue if it is to climb towards the top of Europe.

– The game is evolving to a place it has never been before. The investment has to be there, because that’s what every league does.

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