Calculate extra good time – Dagsavisen

Calculate extra good time – Dagsavisen
Calculate extra good time – Dagsavisen

– It probably comes mostly in the south, they get the biggest amounts of snow. It can be up to 27 centimeters in some places. In Oslo it will probably be around 5-10 centimetres, says state meteorologist Julie Solsvik Vågane to NTB.

The meteorologists have issued a yellow danger warning as a result of the snowfall, which is expected to arrive early Thursday morning. The warning lasts until midnight on Thursday evening.

– There will definitely be enough snow to cause quite a few problems. After all, it is April, and people don’t expect snow to the same extent. It will be a wintry day tomorrow, says Vågane.

– Drive according to the conditions

The Norwegian Road Administration makes a clear call to use the right tires and drive according to the conditions.

– If there are freezing temperatures or snowy weather where you are, then only winter tires apply. Don’t take the chance that driving on summer tires will be fine. HGVs must be prepared to put on chains when the road dictates it, says Jørn Jakobsen at Vegtrafikksentralen east.

– Our contractors are still fully prepared for winter and are prepared to deal with the weather and snow that has been forecast, says Jakobsen.

Bane Nor is monitoring the situation closely and says they are ready to call in extra crew.

– We are ready to set up a yellow or red alert if necessary, and personnel will then be called in. Our winter preparedness is still up and running, says press officer Gunnar Børseth to NTB.

In Oslo, Ruter has also steeled himself and introduced preparatory measures. They ask people to calculate extra good time on Thursday.

– We expect that this could affect public transport, and especially the buses, says spokesperson Øystein Dahl Johansen in Ruter to NTB.

Rain in the south – sun in the north

In Western Norway, Thursday’s precipitation will come as sleet and rain. A change in weather to milder weather is then expected on Friday in southern Norway.

– The driving conditions can be demanding, a bit slippery with freezing rain. Motorists should keep up to date on any danger warnings, says Vågane.

The weekend in the south will be characterized by periods of rain with steadily rising temperatures.

– The milder air ensures that we quickly return to double-digit temperatures. This is a very changing week.

While there will be snow and rain in the south over the next few days, the situation will be quite different in the north, where there have been quite a few snow showers in recent days.

– The weather will be fine from tomorrow, with still low temperatures. It will be calm conditions and plenty of sunshine. The northerners are definitely the weather winners in the next few days, says Vågane.

Summery start next week

At the beginning of next week, the temperatures will rise considerably, and there may be temperatures of up to 18 degrees in some places in Eastern Norway with glorious sunshine.

– April is a capricious month, as we have seen this week. 15 degrees yesterday but minus degrees tomorrow. There are good opportunities for high temperatures in southern Norway towards the end of the weekend and into next week.

However, it will only be a blip as the temperatures are expected to drop somewhat into next week, which is typical for April, according to the meteorologist.

The pollen season is also underway, but the level will remain at a modest level going forward, according to the pollen forecast.

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