Betting on Norway with a new valve core remover

SMALL: Small tools of great help, according to Lisa Egberts. The marketing manager at Fieldpiece shows off two of the new valve core removers.
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ESSEN: – We are only at the beginning in Norway, says marketing manager Lisa Egberts in Fieldpiece. Now she is in place in the Nordics with an eye on valve cores that are going out.

– The special thing is that two of the three new models have side glass. That way you can see if you can get hold of the part to be removed, says Egberts.

She is marketing manager at Fieldpiece. The American company with a European office in the Netherlands has not been active in Norway for so long, but it is going well, she says.


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The Nordics last year

– It was last year that we entered the Nordic countries properly. Before that we took orders and sent when someone contacted us on their own initiative, but now we have our own sales manager working there. There are four countries to cover, and we are only at the beginning yet, says Egberts.

– We are well known in Great Britain and the Benelux countries. In the Nordics, we probably still have to say that “this is what we do”, she admits.

Especially heat pumps

Fieldpiece began like many other small companies and giant corporations – in a garage in California. Founder Rey Harju had a vision of a dipstick with removable heads. They were supposed to make life easier for the technicians and make them spend less time on their jobs. Since then, he and his colleagues have continued to develop tools for the industry.


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– Things have gone really well in the Nordics as well. Especially in the heat pump market, which is very large in Norway and the other Nordic countries, says Lisa Egberts. She praises contacts in the Nordic countries for being nice and helpful, for example with the translations that are needed.

Launch at Nordbygg

The spring launch was added to Nordbygg in Stockholm for the Nordic markets.

– We have already launched elsewhere in Europe, she says.

We are talking about new valve core removers.

– They are made of metal and of solid quality. There is no plastic that breaks off here. With side glass, you can also see if you actually have a handle on the core, advertises Egberts.

A2L compatible


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The three variations of the new tool can switch between 1/4-inch and 5/16-inch service port connectors. They are A2L compliant and vacuum rated to 20 microns.

Regarding the simplest model, the VC1E, Fieldpiece points out that it is compact and enables access to tight spaces. – What’s more, you never have to worry about losing valve cores, she says.

VC1GE and VC2GE therefore come with a sight glass so you can see that the valve core is engaged. They also have integrated comfort spinners for easier removal and insertion. VC2GE also has integrated double valve to protect test gauges and use multiple hoses.

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