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This is happening today – Friday

This is happening today – Friday
This is happening today – Friday

Good morning, these are some of the main issues in Finansavisen on Friday 23 September

Erling Braut Haaland is worth approximately NOK 1.1 billion. Nevertheless, it does not qualify for a place on Kapital’s list of Norway’s 400 richest.

The requirement is now to come up with a record-high NOK 1.2 billion.

The 400 list is again topped by John Fredriksen, by far Norway’s richest man. The fortune of NOK 124 billion is both a new personal and a new Norwegian record.

Investor Ole Kjerkreit rages against broken promises at Euronext Growth.

Companies have boosted themselves into the clouds, but now values ​​worth NOK 100 billion are gone. Kjerkreit concludes that both the companies’ goals and the analysts’ forecasts were only to be regarded as a dream.

Had this been on a regulated marketplace in the US, there could have been lawsuits from here to the moon, he says.

Investors lined up when John Fredriksen raised close to NOK 800 million for his American land rig company, NorAm Drilling Company. The location was fully booked in just half an hour.

The company has been on the OTC list for a number of years and has never paid a dividend. The company is now going public, and monthly dividends from all free cash flow are planned.

In a leading position, Trygve Hegnar writes about the critical energy situation in Europe.

Most importantly, too little has been invested worldwide in the search for and production of fossil energy. That’s why we fight over it, and the prices go straight up.

The energy crisis is far from being resolved. It could be an ugly winter, writes Hegnar.

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Makro, Norway (SSB)

Credit indicator (K2), August
Money supply, August
Adoptions, 2021
Investigated offences, 2021

Macro, overseas

United Kingdom: GFK consumer confidence, September (01.01)
Netherlands: final GDP, Q2 (06.30)
Spain: final GDP, Q2 (09.00)
France: PMI preliminary, September (09.15)
Germany: PMI provisional, September (09.30)
Eurozone: PMI provisional, September (10.00)
UK: PMI provisional, September (10.30am)
USA: PMI preliminary, September (15.45)

Sources: SSB, Trading Economics, TDN Direkt

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