Henderson’s father will not go to the World Cup after the Paris experience

28 May 2022 left deep traces for many, and far beyond the sporting one where Real Madrid lifted the trophy after defeating Liverpool 1-0 with Vinícius Júnior’s decision.

For The Guardian, Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson reveals that the experience has affected several members of his family.

– When I spoke to some of my friends and my family and my father, it was very bad. If the fans had not behaved respectfully, there could have been many more problems. I mean the fans were incredible.

– I assume that if you, as a supporter, are going to a match and you don’t feel comfortable, and you feel threatened by a situation, then you don’t want to go again. It’s as simple as that.

Two major UEFA events

The 32-year-old has himself been at the center of two of the latest UEFA fiascos. The 2022 Champions League final in May and the EC final the year before.

– My family and friends have had some experiences over the past few years that have really shocked them and probably scared them from going to future matches. When you see scenes like those in the EC final, in the Champions League final, they don’t want to go and put themselves in that situation again.

AT THE WC 2018: Rebecca Burnett and the children watch Jordan Henderson and England play Croatia in Russia.

– I don’t blame anyone who doesn’t want to put themselves in that situation. There were two totally different reasons but again, had it been me, I wouldn’t have wanted to put myself in that situation.

The father drops out of the WC trip

The captain’s father, Brian Henderson, will now skip going to the Winter World Cup to support his beloved England.

– My father said after the Champions League final that he was finished.

– There are many security elements and things going on in Qatar that I’m sure will make people feel safer. But when you’ve had these experiences, sometimes you think ‘is it worth risking it?’.

THE FRENCH TRAGEDY: It was supposed to be a football party on the continent, but ended up being a nightmare for too many.

The EC final at Wembley on 11 July 2021 showed how it can go. Alan Maguire, father of centre-back Harry, was among those trampled. Fortunately, he escaped with “only” a few rib injuries as a result.

– My wife and children had to enter via a side door and they didn’t want to let them in at first. They were caught. She tried to get the children away from the center of what was happening and finally, after about 15 or 20 minutes, someone recognized her and let them in. If that person hadn’t, there could have been trouble.

– My father was involved in something and Harry Maguire’s father was badly injured. My kids were ok but they were lucky. I think other children and parents may not have had the same luck.

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