Kristiansand municipality – People’s climate initiative – seek support for your climate

Kristiansand municipality – People’s climate initiative – seek support for your climate
Kristiansand municipality – People’s climate initiative – seek support for your climate

You can now apply for funding from Folkets Klimadugnad. The application deadline is 1 March.

Read more about People’s Climate Action and how to apply here

People’s Climate Action is a grant scheme that will encourage local initiative, commitment and cooperation for sustainable development. The scheme is primarily aimed at individuals, non-commercial organisations, teams and associations who want to contribute to the climate effort. You can apply for grants from NOK 5,000 to NOK 50,000.

Projects that support Kristiansand’s climate and environmental strategy

– Kristiansand has recently adopted a new climate and environmental strategy. This applies to the entire Kristiansands community and everyone must work together to achieve the goals in the strategy. Therefore, People’s Climate Action will particularly support measures that build on the goals in the strategy. We encourage people to think new and innovatively about how they themselves can contribute to achieving the climate and environmental goals, says Watne.

Environmental Protection Manager Stein Erik Watne is also leader of the jury for People’s Climate Action. Photo: Kristiansand municipality.

Read the short version and long version of the strategy here
This is a preliminary version, the final version will be published shortly.

Environment Week 2023 – apply for support from the People’s Climate Initiative

5–11 This year’s environment week starts in June. It is a large collaborative project between the municipality, several companies, organizations and residents.

This year’s theme is biological diversity, and focuses on all life in nature – both animals and plants, and the human influence that threatens this.

During Environment Week, we want organizations and citizens to participate with their own projects and events as well. It is therefore possible to apply to People’s Climate Action for support for initiatives during Environment Week.

Biodiversity is particularly vulnerable to land loss and change. The theme of this year’s environment week is particularly linked to sustainability goals 12-15, which are called the environmental goals:

  • 12: Responsible consumption and production
  • 13: Stop climate change
  • 14: Life under water
  • 15: Life on land

– We hope that many people will help focus on these themes during Environment Week 2023, says Lars Verket, coordinator for Environment Week 2023.

Inspiration for possible projects

In the past, among other things, projects such as these have received support:

  • Recycling lift in Kristiansand – The future in our hands
  • Geitmyra’s green pop-up school on biological diversity – Geitmyra Kristiansand food culture center for children AS.
  • Fruit trees and flower meadows in the local environment – Hannevikåsen Velforening
  • Together in the neighborhood – a garden for everyone – Polish-Norwegian association Razem=together
  • Pilot project sustainable food in kindergartens – Tine Mersland – Green chef
  • Fixing tour to secondary schools – Fixing guild Kristiansand Husflidlag
  • Creator’s day, joint church outdoor service in Wergelandsparken – Agder and Telemark diocese
  • Luggage market in Lund – Marvika Mekk and Rep
  • Agriculture Day at Torvet – Food in the centre
  • The seed bank – collection and distribution of Norwegian seeds – Architect Kristin Søndersrød Ose
  • Redesign course and course in rebuilding old furniture – Elisabeth Tønnesen Vik small carpentry
  • Climate work in the forest on school grounds – FAU Grim school
  • Meeting series – Natural Thursday – Climate Alliance
  • Repair workshop – The future in our hands
  • Film week with films for children and adults – Bærekraft Kristiansand AS
  • Artwork – Coolart Sedin Zunic
  • Teaching materials for secondary schools – United Nations Association South
  • Conference on renewable energy – FNF Agder, Motvind Sørvest, Let nature live and the Nature Conservation Association in Agder
  • Many different initiatives to pick up rubbish on land and at sea

Activities or measures that can receive grants

  • Attitude-promoting work that contributes to increased commitment and knowledge
  • Practical measures and costs for the purchase of equipment
  • Implementation of events or campaigns, including citizen-initiated events during Environment Week

Grants cannot be given for the following activities or measures

  • Ordinary operation and maintenance
  • Measures already implemented
  • Commercial offers
  • Measures covered by other municipal grant schemes

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