The triple murder at Torpo: The police have secured critical evidence – hope for answers

The triple murder at Torpo: The police have secured critical evidence – hope for answers
The triple murder at Torpo: The police have secured critical evidence – hope for answers

During the Easter holiday, the investigation was put into a sort of rest mode, where only the most necessary tasks were prioritized. This meant, among other things, securing material from video surveillance and similar digital traces that are deleted automatically after a given time.

– We have brought in what we believe had to be brought in before it was lost. In addition, we have prioritized key witness interviews. Witnesses forget, so it is often important to get the explanations in as quickly as possible, says police attorney Ann Iren Svane Mathiassen to NTB.

In this case, there is no question of direct eyewitnesses, and there is thus not as volatile evidence in these witness statements as in other cases, she explains.

– But we have prioritized people who had contact with the victims prior to the murders. This is information that must be secured before it is lost, says Svane Mathiassen.

Hoping for an answer

Ingunn Slaatten (53), Sander Slaatten (22) and Signe Slaatten (18) were found shot and killed in their home at Torpo in Ål in Hallingdal on 23 March. The police believe the father of the family in the house killed the three before taking his own life.

The motive is still unknown, but the police hope that the investigation will shed light on why the man in his 50s apparently shot and killed his wife and two children.

– We certainly hope to give the survivors answers about why this happened. We don’t know if we will make it. There may be several factors at play here, but we hope for an answer, says the police attorney.

Central health information

The man’s health information is a central part of the police’s investigation, and they have previously stated that they are gathering information about this.

The police prosecutor has previously explained that they have secured video material from the man’s visit to a pharmacy the afternoon before the murders. They also know what he bought, but have not wanted to elaborate on this any further.

The police have secured several weapons in the case and believe they have control over the murder weapon.

The three were shot and killed while they were sleeping, and according to the police there were no signs of a struggle. Another central question is why no one in the house woke up to the loud bangs, as the presumed murder weapon makes a lot of noise and no silencer is said to have been used.

Nearly finished with witness interviews

The police have conducted a number of witness interviews of neighbours, friends, family and colleagues.

Svane Mathiassen says the police are now almost done with the witness interviews, but that there are still a few left.

– Then it could be that we see something in the material that we have collected, which means that more people have to be questioned, she says.

– Now we are working on distributing tasks and going through everything that has been collected at Easter. We will also collect more information. We know something now, other things will follow. It is a dynamic investigation.

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