Housing, Housing sales | Went to far above the rate: – I’m not surprised

Housing, Housing sales | Went to far above the rate: – I’m not surprised
Housing, Housing sales | Went to far above the rate: – I’m not surprised

(Røyken og Hurums Avis) The assessment for the property was NOK three million. When the bidding round was finished, the price stopped at NOK 3,675,000, which corresponds to 22.5 per cent above the estimate.

The two-storey home from 1963 is 171 square metres, with large outdoor areas, four bedrooms and a large plot of land with a play area for both big, small and four-legged friends.

The housing advertisement from Finn has been shared on social media and garnered attention for its complete “60s style”.

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Many on display

Broker Christer Hagen tells Røyken and Hurums Avis that he is not surprised that the property went for so much over valuation.

There were many people who showed interest and attended the screening.

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– On Palm Sunday, 35 interested parties stopped by, while 10 people met at a private viewing the Friday before, says the broker.

He says that many interested parties participated in the bidding round up to around NOK 3,300,000. When the price moved up towards the 3.4 and 3.5 figures, however, more people gave up.

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A lot to do

The broker cites two main reasons why the property attracted so much interest. One is the size of the plot and the other is the location.

– The proximity to Rortunet, schools, nature and Oslo means a lot to many. This, combined with the price, makes such a property alluring, despite the fact that it is a renovation object, he states, and emphasizes that there is a bit more that needs to be done than just painting the walls and changing the floor.

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– This is a thoroughly old home, where the bathroom, kitchen and electrical system must be upgraded by professionals, Hagen clarifies.

He believes that the timing of selling the home before Easter was also favorable, as there are not many similar properties for sale.

Advantages of renovation object

According to the broker, renovation objects are often popular if they have a good location and good potential.

– People like to buy renovation objects that they can refurbish themselves. And if you are also skilled and can do part of the renovation and upgrading work yourself, there can be a lot to gain from buying such a property, he says.

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