News, Health | Found a sleeping “nurse” in the dressing room, but something was not right

News, Health | Found a sleeping “nurse” in the dressing room, but something was not right
News, Health | Found a sleeping “nurse” in the dressing room, but something was not right

The police are reporting a special situation at Haukeland University Hospital on Wednesday morning.

In the dressing room, it was discovered that a woman in a nurse’s uniform was lying asleep.

The police report that she also seemed intoxicated.

They moved out and came to the following conclusion:

– It turned out that the person in question is not a nurse or an employee at the hospital. The police on the scene and unravel how she got hold of the uniform. The woman appears intoxicated, the police say.

Got a message via scales

Operations manager in the West police district Tore André Brakstad tells BA that they received a report about the incident at 1131 from a security guard who was at work in the Central block.

– They had tried to wake up a sleeping woman in a nurse’s uniform. Eventually it turned out that fortunately she was not a nurse, because she appeared intoxicated, he says.

The police patrol was still on the scene at 1230, according to Brakstad.

– They are doing some research to find out what she was doing there and where she got hold of the uniform.

Access controlled

Director of Communications at Helse Bergen Erik Vigander says that the hospital is basically open, but that areas such as the changing rooms are access controlled.

– With thousands of people going in and out around the times for shift changes, it is probably possible to sneak in if you really want to, he tells BA.

– It is unfortunate when something like this happens, but there is a balancing act between having an open hospital and access and access systems where it is important, he adds.

The fact that the woman had obtained a uniform is also strange, says Vigander.

– The uniforms are taken out in uniform machines that are access-controlled, so how she managed to get hold of a uniform we have to find out together with the police.

He praises the employee, a cleaner, who noticed something was wrong.

– All credit to the person who was vigilant and reported it to a security guard.

Vigander says that incidents like this happen very rarely.

– It has not happened before in my time here for six or seven years. We have good systems and vigilant employees who pick up on such things.

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