– Starting already tonight

– Starting already tonight
– Starting already tonight

Are you ready to clear out your garden furniture and switch to summer tyres? Don’t despair, you will get that opportunity.

Just not now.

If you live in Southern and Eastern Norway, you must first prepare for another round of what could be complete winter chaos.

In Southern Norway, it already starts tonight, according to the forecasts at the Meteorological Institute.

Hold on to that

Probably worst in Agder

– We are getting low pressure from the south, says on-duty meteorologist Julie Solsvik Vågane to Dagbladet.

Since the low pressure comes in from the south, it is Agder that will probably suffer the worst, according to the meteorologist.

– This is where it arrives first, already at night, and where the low pressure stays the longest. Agder is therefore probably the thinnest when it comes to the amount of snow.

During the night, the low pressure will move north in Eastern Norway.

– In the Oslo area, there will probably be less snow, not necessarily more than five to ten cm. But it is enough to cause trouble on the roads, says Solsvik Vågane.

On Wednesday morning, the Meteorological Institute extended the snow warning to and also applies further east in Eastern Norway and in parts of Rogaland.

Now it has arrived

The meteorologist is ready: All you have to do is steel yourself.

– Take all precautions, calculate plenty of time and drive according to the conditions.

Keep winter tires

At sweet brother in the south of Sweden, there has been chaos on the roads since Tuesday. Jönköping’s rescue chief describes the night of Wednesday as the worst in 30 years.

– I have not been involved in such extensive snow since 1995, says Melin to Aftonbladet.

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But it is not the same low pressure that has ravaged Sweden that we can expect here.

– The low pressure that will affect southern and eastern Norway is on its way from Great Britain now. But what has come as rain there, turns to snow when it meets the cold air we have here now, says Solsvik Vågane.

Part of the traffic problems in Sweden have been due to bad tires and summer tires, according to the rescue service and the Swedish police.

Although the first Sunday after Easter is the rule for when the winter tires must be taken off in southern Norway, the police believe it is wise to wait.

– If you are going to drive in places where there is a road that requires winter tyres, you are obliged as a driver to have the car shod according to the conditions, assistant UP manager Roar Skjelbred Larsen reminds Dinside.

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