This is one of the messages that closed the Storting

This is one of the messages that closed the Storting
This is one of the messages that closed the Storting

“Don’t go to Parliament at 10 o’clock tomorrow,” wrote a user on the website 4Chan on Tuesday.

Published: 04/03/2024 11:56 | Updated: 03/04/2024 12:57

According to the police, there were two threats that caused the police to shut down Norway’s National Assembly. One must have been a bomb threat.

Aftenposten is informed that this is one of the threats.

“Some of you are fine. Don’t go to the Storting at 10 o’clock tomorrow.”

The message was posted at 16:04 on Tuesday on the discussion forum 4chan.

When asked if it was the Storting that intercepted the message from 4chan, head of security at the Storting Pål Munck replies, “yes”.

– We were the ones who forwarded the message to the police, he says to Aftenposten.

Senior advisor Eirik Veum in PST confirms to Aftenposten that they are aware of the message.

Received two threats

Action leader Svend Bjelland tells the press that it was yesterday afternoon that the Storting received an e-mail with a threat.

– It was not considered to be real. But then a new threat came afterwards. We don’t know if there is a connection, he says.

They have taken into account that there is no connection between the two threats.

The new threat was picked up by the Storting on Wednesday, which passed the message on to the police. They were notified of the threat a little before 10 o’clock.

– The police could not take the chance that this was just nonsense, says the task leader.

The police then carried out an extensive search of the area around the Storting. Bomb dogs were also on the scene.

Barriers were set up in this area:

At 12.30 the police assessed that it was not dangerous to travel around the Storting and took down the barriers.

– The big focus now is to find out who has done this, Bjelland told the press when the barriers were taken down.

The police have control over the person who made the first threat, which came via e-mail. The person has not been arrested. Police have not identified who made the threat on 4chan.

This is 4chan

The message was posted on a Norwegian-language subforum on 4chan. The forum has been active for many years.

At all times there is a small group of users who post there. Everyone who posts on 4chan is anonymous, unless a user chooses to post with a self-created username. The content is often what is referred to as “crap posting”.

It’s about being rough and extreme. In the relevant forum, this often means questionable views of women and racism. There are often layers upon layers of irony, so that no one knows whether the person writing really means what is being written.

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