Messer, Orkel | Kicking off a new fair in central Norway

Messer, Orkel | Kicking off a new fair in central Norway
Messer, Orkel | Kicking off a new fair in central Norway

Mett landbruk is now being launched as a new regional agricultural exhibition for farmers and agriculture-related businesses in Fannrem in Orkland municipality. According to the organiser, the objective is to form a common agricultural arena for knowledge dissemination, information sharing and social gatherings.

– Mett landbruk seeks to be a showcase for central Norwegian agriculture by showing the breadth and diversity the industry represents through traditional agriculture and forest management in the region, writes project manager Bosse Iversen in a press release.

With the exception of Agrisjå, which is a large fair that has been held for the third year, the group behind Mett Landbruk believes that the new exhibition can become an attractive annual event in the years when Agrisjå is not held.

– It is important to highlight the extensive employment and value creation in the industry, and the many associated businesses, writes Iversen.

The organizer points out that the exhibition will also bring together a wide selection of local quality crafts and tasty local food.

Dates for the exhibition are Friday 31 May and Saturday 1 July. 2024 at Varig Orkla Arena at Fannrem in Orkland. It is a modern trotting facility with excellent facilities both inside and out and will provide a great setting for the event, writes the project manager.

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