Norwegian Yngvild Grotmol in the Netflix venture “Vikings: Valhalla”

VIKING: Yngvild Grotmol (Gudrid) and Bradley James (Harekr) in season two of the Netflix series “Vikings: Valhalla”. Photo: Netflix

Yngvild Grotmol (43) plays the wife of the ruler Harekr in the new “Vikings: Valhalla” season, which premieres on Netflix on Thursday.


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In the series, the main character Freydis, played by Swedish Frida Gustavvson, arrives in Jómsborg. Bradley James, or Harekr as he is called in the series, rules there.

Norwegian Yngvild Grotmol plays Gudrid, Harekr’s wife.

– Fun and difficult

– It was very exciting to be part of a huge production, and working in English with a Polish-German-Danish accent was very fun – and a little difficult, says Grotmol himself through his agency Panorama.

The agent company describes the role as Yngvild’s breakthrough in an international and English-speaking role.

“Vikings: Valhalla” is Netflix’s sequel to the blockbuster “Vikings”, which was produced by the History Channel. Six seasons were made of the first series – the last of which ran on Amazon Prime.

INTERNATIONAL BREAKTHROUGH: Yngvild’s agency company describes the role as her international breakthrough. Here she is when she presents the Amanda award in 2020. Photo: Jan Kåre Ness / NTB

Didn’t get to go home

The series is written by Jeb Stuart – who also wrote the screenplay for the blockbuster movie “Die Hard” with Bruce Willis from 1988.

The series was filmed in Ireland, while the country was locked down due to the coronavirus. The recordings took place over five months.

– That led to a lot of testing. Five days a week. And no one was given the opportunity to go home because of the restrictions, says Grotmol.

For Norwegian TV viewers, Grotmol is known, among other things, as Renate in the film “Izzat” from 2005, Alice in the TV series “Seks som oss” which aired on TV2 and Camilla Bjerke in the series “Eyewitness” on NRK.

It is not the first time the Norwegian actor has worked internationally. She played for two years in the Danish prize-winning series “Herrens Veje” which ran on DR1.

Nor is it the first time Grotmol has been seen in a Netflix series. She played one of the main roles – as police investigator Jorunn Lakke in the Netflix series “The Disappearance. Lørenskog 31 October 2018”. The series is about the Lørenskog case, and the unsolved disappearance case surrounding Anne-Elisabeth Hagen.

POLICE DETECTIVE: Yngvild Grotmol in the role of police thresher Jorunn Lakke in “The Disappearance”. Lørenskog 31 October 2018″. Photo: Netflix

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