The Eurovision of all time

The Eurovision of all time
The Eurovision of all time


Eurovision 2024

Sweden should become a permanent organizer of the European melody festival.

NEUTRAL SWITZERLAND: Nemo from the neutral country of Switzerland won the all-cast Eurovision Song Contest final in Malmö on Saturday. Photo: Sanjin Strukic/PIXSELL
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Monday 13 May 2024 – 16:23

Shrouded in scandals, demonstrations, threats of boycotts and very poor handling by the European Broadcasting Union, EBU, landed Saturday’s final in the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) still on its feet. This is primarily due to EBU member Sveriges Television, which delivered an all-cast broadcast, without additional minutes. Saturday’s final in Malmö was a terrific television production.

A seriousness hung over the show week. On the rooftops, armed police watched over it all. The police presence and the image of threats naturally cast a dark shadow over the events and this also confirms that it is not possible to keep politics out of such events.

Boycott is not NRK’s ​​task

ESC participant Israel gross violations of international law in Gaza, was the main reason for the tender, but in general it has unfortunately become the case that the security measures become extreme even when it is about something that is supposed to be fun.

The Swedes turned on the charm. They put two driven and unselfish presenters on the case. Done, they had just the right amount of ironic distance to the wild shows and delivered semi-finals and finals of high television class.

Just the ability to hold a slightly informal style, combined with taking all contributions seriously, is important. The same applies to carrying out three spot-free, international television broadcasts. The advantage of Sweden is also that they cannot be taken as income for one view or the other. There may of course be objections to the fact that the final was moved to Malmö, which is a city with great contradictions, but this also went well.

The discussion surrounding Israel’s participation naturally left a mark on the debate, but the vote may indicate that people have largely voted by song, even though we in Norway may have sensed a different mood. Among the media, Dagsavisen probably took the honorary prize when, ahead of the final, they gave scores to all countries, except Israel, because they found it “impossible to assess the Israeli contribution without seeing it in the context of the political and humanitarian situation in Gaza”.

Let Israel shoot itself in the foot

The fact that some Israeli activists used all 20 of their telephone votes as a kind of declaration of support for the country turned out to be of little consequence. The fact that the Norwegian expert jury awarded Israel with eight points also shows that the participants there (minus one) were able to separate the two things.

The jury breaks its silence

Ståheien contributed to 1.4 million people watching the broadcast on Saturday. The combination of shows, conflicts and scandals is something people like. Of course, the list of things that need to be evaluated is almost endless, but the conclusion is that people love ESC more than ever and are already looking forward to next year.

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