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Made a shocking discovery in the forest after “Kompani Lauritzen” exit

Last weekend, TV 2 and God kveld Norge published a video of Jon Martin Henriksen (32) from “Kompani Lauritzen”. In the video, you can see that Henriksen has lost part of the tip of his weapon, and must shamefully search the forest with several others to find it.

The weapon part, which was a mouthpiece, was unfortunately never found during the search operation.

See the persistent search operation in the video below.

Starts a search operation: – What a stupid fellow

But a bit into the stay, Henriksen received a message from one of the eliminated participants.

“I have a present for you,” it says.

The message came from Thomas Hayes, who after the exit went to his girlfriend’s family cottage in Åndalsnes.

– Before our stay, we put the key under the doormat and put a six pint in the fridge. If it went to hell, the plan was for me to go there. It was literally three minutes to walk from the camp, Hayes tells God kveld Norge.

Went for a walk on the trail

He was there for three or four days, just to calm down. One of the days he went for a walk in the local area. Then he realized he was on a familiar path.

– I saw that it was the first place we camped, and that it was where Jon Martin lost his mouthpiece. I told my girlfriend I just had to take a look, explains Hayes.

– Then I found the mouthpiece! I took care of it and put it in my pocket. It was crazy fun to find it, I must have been very lucky. Then I had to wait until we all met again before I could give it back.

AT GKN: Jon Martin and Carina stopped by Good evening Norway before the premiere. Photo: Ola Thingstad

After the recording, which took place last autumn, the participants and everyone involved had a finale party. Until the party, he had time to think about how he was going to hand over the weapons part. It ended with him standing up and giving a speech, which no one understood where it was going.

– He gave a sick speech. We thought: “Where do you want to go with this story?”, says Henriksen.

– Now he’s screwing up, we thought, laughs Carina Dahl (37).

The best speech of his life

The speech ended with everyone getting a shock, when Hayes pulled out the mouthpiece.

– He landed with flying colours. It was the best speech ever, and I got to deliver the part back to the ensign. So very well done by Hayes, I am eternally grateful. That he goes for a walk in the forest and finds the small part, that shouldn’t be possible, says Henriksen, grinning.

HAPPY: Thomas was very happy with his speech. Photo: Steinar Marthinsen

Hayes is also satisfied with his own efforts.

– I think it is the best speech I will deliver in my entire life. I delivered so well that help. Everyone sat at the final party and thought: “No, he’s going up there now”. It was great fun, he says and smiles.

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