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In 2019, the Norwegian alpinist Lucas Pinheiro Braathen (22) made his world debut, and already as an 18-year-old he competed against great skiing talents such as Marcel Hircher (33) and Henrik Kristoffersen (28).

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Barely a year later, he had his international breakthrough with a fourth place in the slalom in Kitzbühel, Austria. Since then, he has knocked out several of his biggest competitors on the ski course, and captured a number of podium positions.

But even though Braathen has a passion for skiing, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have other interests as well. According to the 22-year-old, this has led to him getting a lot of heat on social media, writes NRK.

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On Instagram, he constantly shares pictures of his outfits, and he is apparently not afraid to experiment with various clothing styles, or ways of expressing himself.

However, his interest in fashion has not only gone down well with his followers. Last week he posted pictures of himself wearing a skirt, and has subsequently received several ugly comments.

– Being called “gay”

In the end, Lucas felt compelled to put his foot down.

– Can’t wait for you guys to waste your time telling me men can’t wear skirts, he wrote in a now-deleted Instagram Story.

Hetses: – People are quite brutal

In front of NRK, the 22-year-old talks about why he thinks people react.

– I probably trigger others because I come from a conservative sport – more than other sports. I think it is fun. People think I’m too feminine, which is why I wrote the comment.

He continues:

– I am called “gay” from left and right in a negative way, although I may see it as positive. Perhaps wearing a garment that was once more for women than for men is not necessarily being homosexual, although it is not negative.

– Went through hell

When Se og Hør calls dad Bjørn Braathen, we are informed that Lucas has no opportunity to comment on the matter. He is on his way to the World Cup in alpine skiing, which will be held in France this year.

Bjørn has also been made aware of the harassment his son has been exposed to in social media. To that he says the following:

TALENTED: Lucas Braathen wants to do more things than just alpine skiing. Photo: Nina Hansen / Dagbladet TV
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– This is very contrary to how he has grown up as a person. What Lucas knows is that some people judge him based on how he dresses, and based on how he dresses, think that he must be gay. When they also use being gay as something negative, he finds it sad. Lucas himself judges people based on criteria other than orientation, gender, ethnicity etc., he says, and continues:

– As long as it doesn’t get any worse than today, it may just be what you have to accept when you get a status in the public image. Someone will always be tempted to give you negative characteristics without knowing you.

– A tip for next time

– That surprises me

Furthermore, Bjørn states that his son lives well with people speculating about his orientation.

– But it’s just sad that people see sexual orientation as something negative. That is also the case for Lucas, who has a younger sister who is very open about her liking girls. So for that reason it becomes personal for him.

FAMILY: Lucas is pictured here with dad Bjørn and his sister. Photo: Private
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He himself has read several of the comments his son has received on Instagram, and sees that they often come from young boys aged 15-16.

– That surprises me. I myself have two more children who are that age and I have only seen with great pleasure how tolerant they are in relation to what I experienced as a young boy.

Slaughtered: – Makes me uncomfortable

Lucas’ interest in fashion has grown over the years, and dad Bjørn finds it refreshing to see that his son also has other interests. Nevertheless, he points out that Lucas is often told that the focus should rather be fully on his alpine career.

– What I find sad is that people think that he is not serious enough as an athlete. Often this comes from people who have no knowledge whatsoever of what is needed, but are only based on a general perception of what they think is the way to live as an athlete, he says, and continues:

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– Because everyone who is close to Lucas sees him as serious in his investment in sport. It is important for him to have other interests and that makes him a better athlete. He learns from others and seeks knowledge from other environments. I respect that someone chooses to do that and not just live in the “sports bubble”, and for him it is the right way.

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