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MOVING STATUE: On Thursday evening, the “Fearless Girl” statue was placed outside the Iranian embassy. He is supported by Conservative politician Mahmoud Farahmand. Photo: Espen Sjølingstad Hoen / VG

The statue “Fearless Girl” has stood outside the Grand Hotel in Oslo. Now it has its eyes fixed on the Iranian embassy – with a hijab in hand.


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The statue in Oslo is a copy of the original statue of the same name, which stands in the financial district of Manhattan New York.

The statue that stands in Oslo, on the other hand, is owned by billionaire, property investor and art collector Christian Ringnes – and was first unveiled outside the Grand Hotel in 2018.

Now, however, he has moved it – to the Iranian embassy in Oslo.

– The starting point is everything that takes place in Iran, of course, explains Ringnes.

For over two months, there has been a wave of demonstrations against the clerical regime across Iran in the wake of the death of the young woman Mahsa Amini (22) in the custody of the morality police – due to the “wrong” use of the hijab.

IMPORTANT: Christian Ringnes has moved his “Fearless Girl” statue. Photo: Espen Sjølingstad Hoen / VG

Important action

– I hope that it is allowed to stand and that no one takes it, says Ringnes to VG.

The statue was moved on Thursday evening, and a hijab has also been placed in the statue’s hand.

– It’s a bit of civil disobedience, but we don’t talk about that, says Ringnes with a smile.

Storting representative from the Conservative Party, Mahmoud Farahmand, heard about the move and went down to see. It is a symbolic act, he believes.

– The action is quite important. The symbolism in the statue is one thing. Ordinary people with no ties to Iran are starting to care, and that’s important.

Director of Communications at the Urban Environment Agency, Richard Kongsteien, says they are not familiar with the matter.

– Basically, as an agency, we do not assess art in the cityscape, as long as it does not hinder accessibility and safety.

Initiated investigation

The authorities have responded to the protests in Iran in a very brutal way, and so far 416 people have been killed, according to the activist group Iran Human Rights.

Around 14,000 people, including children, have so far been arrested during the autumn protest wave in Iran, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Turk, told when he opened the extraordinary meeting in Geneva on Thursday.

The UN Human Rights Council condemns Iran’s repression of peaceful protesters. An international investigation must be launched, the majority has decided.

VG has tried to get in touch with the Iranian embassy on Thursday evening, but has not yet received a reply.


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