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Cola – New cork is slaughtered

It was in August that Coca-Cola announced that they were going to change the caps on their soft drinks. The new cap is stuck on the bottle. The point is to ensure that the cork and bottle are stored together, and the new arrangement is in line with an EU directive that comes into force from 2024.

– Bottle and cork are bought together, and must be pawned together. Most Norwegians are already good at depositing with the cork on, and with the new fixing caps, even fewer corks will be lost, thrown away or forgotten before depositing, said communications director Inger Marie Ingdahl at Coca-Cola Norway in a press release when the news became known.

Will be new


Now the new bottles have hit the market, and criticism is pouring in on Coca-Cola’s Facebook page.

It is reported that the cork is both difficult and painful to remove and put on, and that it gets in the way when drinking from the bottle.

One of those who react is Andreas Monstad from Tønsberg.

– You really feel it in your hand when you open it. It’s like nails, he says.

Monstad – who drinks around a large bottle a day – believes that the cork will also be too small as it is now attached to the ring that sits on the bottle.

– I myself have started to cut off the cork and throw it away, but then it is easy to cut yourself on the thorns, he says and continues:

– It annoys me so much that I actually looked up Coca-Cola on Facebook to speak up.

The new Coca-Cola cap creates commitment. Photo: Embla Augusta Hjort-Larsen
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Now he buys Coke in old bottles, as long as he can get hold of it. He also uses Soda Stream (soda machine jour. note) more often.

– But Cola is the best, so it won’t be the same.

He also shares a trick for others who dislike the new cork.

– The bottle neck is the same, so you can use an old cork.

He believes that the idea behind the new concept is good, but that the solution Coca-Cola has come up with is terribly bad.

– Silly

FRP politician Bård Hoksrud has also heard about the new cork.

– The whole thing is too stupid. Ridiculous that you have to sit in an office in Brussels to decide this, he says to DinSide.

He points out that Norway has one of the world’s best mortgage schemes.

– One should rather invest in mortgage schemes in other countries rather than come up with such directives. If it was Coca-Cola itself that wanted to make such a cap, that would have been fine, but with this directive, the customer does not have the opportunity to choose anything else, he says.

STUPID: FRP politician Bård Hoksrud thinks it is nonsense that the EU should decide on soda caps. Photo: Ørn Borgen/NTB

STUPID: FRP politician Bård Hoksrud thinks it is nonsense that the EU should decide on soda caps. Photo: Ørn Borgen/NTB
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DinSide has also asked rapper and bone connoisseur, Anders Kranmo Smedstad, perhaps best known as “Oral Bee”, about what he thinks about the new cork.

He says that he has so far seen it on soft drinks, and therefore has no experience with it.

– As you know, I detest soft drinks, he comments in an SMS.

CHEST TEST: We have had the pleasure of tasting a brand new Coca-Cola, namely the third in Coca-Cola’s limited edition variants, Dreamworld. On this occasion, we have been helped by a bouquet of soft drink-interested colleagues, and opinions are divided! Video: Embla Hjort-Larsen.
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Takes feedback seriously

– The new cork has been developed in collaboration between us, various cork producers and industry organizations to meet the criteria in the new EU directive. We wanted to develop a cork that both meets environmental requirements, and which at the same time must be practical, hygienic and functional, writes communications director at Coca-Cola Norway Inger Marie Ingdahl in an e-mail to DinSide.

She continues:

– Many people think this is a good environmental move, but we also understand those who find the corks unfamiliar at first. We take all feedback seriously, without being able to comment on future plans for either products or packaging. All manufacturers must also use fixing caps by 2024 for environmental reasons, as defined in the upcoming EU directive.

The article is in Norwegian

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