Ingrid Alexandra’s boyfriend: – Secret visit to in-laws

Ingrid Alexandra’s boyfriend: – Secret visit to in-laws
Ingrid Alexandra’s boyfriend: – Secret visit to in-laws

When Ingrid Alexandra’s (18) birthday was officially celebrated in June, many princes and princesses were naturally invited to a party at the castle. But after the celebration ended, Se og Hør could reveal that the princess’ real “dream prince” was also among the guests – namely her boyfriend Magnus Heien Haugstad (22).

The turtle doves had kept their relationship hidden for a long time. But when Magnus appeared smiling during the official celebration of his girlfriend – Norway’s future queen – it was no longer a secret.

Now Se og Hør can pass on the first pictures of the couple. See the exclusive photos and read the whole story on Se og Hør Pluss here.

Catching up with Magnus

Mother-in-law’s dream

It was last weekend that the couple were caught out, when they visited Magnus’ new parents-in-law at Skaugum in Asker. The fact that Magnus was home with Ingrid emphasizes that he has long since become part of the family and is in the warmth of his parents-in-law.

They do this together

Crown Prince Haakon (49) and Crown Princess Mette-Mette have welcomed the newborn boy with open arms from day one. Just as King Harald (85) and Queen Sonja (85) did with them in their time.

TOUCHED: It was an emotional moment when Crown Princess Mette-Marit congratulated Princess Ingrid Alexandra on her birthday. Video: NRK.
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The couple smiled and laughed as they drove in, and later out, of the property. Ingrid had the family dog ​​Molly Fiskebolle with her, and it is not inconceivable that the couple took a walk nearby with the four-legged fur tot.

Read all about the visit, and how a sudden illness ruined the evening’s actual plans, on Se og Hør Pluss here.

This is how they found each other

Went around the world

Although neither Princess Ingrid Alexandra nor her boyfriend have publicly commented on their relationship, Se og Hør’s boyfriend news went around the world after being revealed.

Danske Ekstra Bladet wrote, among other things, that “in addition to kings, queens, princes and princesses from all over Europe, a very special guest was also invited to the birthday of the Norwegian heir to the throne”. Their Danish colleagues in Se og Hør and Avisen also devoted column space to the royal romance.

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In Germany, the interest in the Norwegian crown prince couple is enormous, and in particular in Crown Princess Mette-Marit. And when the daughter has found a boyfriend, it is of course a big deal.

See the special detail

German GALA wrote that the Palace will neither confirm nor deny the news – and that only Ingrid Alexandra herself knows if she is “head over heels in love”.

We have not received any confirmation from the Palace. When asked by Se og Hør about how the royal family reacts to all the attention surrounding Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s relationship, the Palace’s communications manager Guri Varpe said the following:

– We do not comment on the royal family’s private life.

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