Arfan Bhatti wanted for the terror in Oslo

Arfan Bhatti wanted for the terror in Oslo
Arfan Bhatti wanted for the terror in Oslo

The Norwegian Islamist has been in Pakistan recently. That is why the Norwegian authorities have recently and secretly asked for help from the Pakistani police, according to TV 2’s sources.

Now Bhatti is also wanted all over the world via the international police cooperation Interpol.

The Oslo police district is investigating the mass shooting on 25 June. At a press conference on Friday, the police state that they are looking for a man in his 40s who is a Norwegian citizen. The man has been charged and wanted for complicity in terrorist acts in connection with the mass shooting.

According to TV 2’s sources, it is Bhatti they are looking for.

At the press conference, police attorney Børge Enoksen says that they do not want to release the name of the wanted person.

– The police basically have a duty of confidentiality and we comply with it. We comment that it is a man, a Norwegian citizen in his 40s, who has been charged with complicity in terrorist acts, says Enoksen.

PAKISTAN: This is one of the areas where Arfan Bhatti has stayed for several periods. Photo: Tom Rune Orset / TV 2

Will not comment

Enoksen says that they will not comment on TV 2’s information that it is Bhatti who has been charged.

Bhatti’s defense attorney also does not want to comment on the case.

– We have no information about this, writes defender John Christian Elden to TV 2 in an email.

From before, 43-year-old Zaniar Matapour has been arrested and charged.

According to what TV 2 knows, Arfan Bhatti and Zaniar Matapour have had a relationship for some time.

Extreme Islamist

Arfan Bhatti is one of Norway’s most prominent Islamists. He is also a former leader in the Prophet’s Umma group.

Norway and Pakistan do not have an extradition agreement, but even so, several accused and wanted persons in serious criminal cases have previously been extradited to Norway.

– What do you think about the fact that Norway does not have an extradition agreement with Pakistan?

– I think we have good cooperation with the Pakistani authorities, says Enoksen.

The police prosecutor says that he does not rule out more arrests in the case.


On the night of Saturday 25 June, the police received a report of a shooting in Rosenkrantz’ gate in Oslo. Five minutes later, the perpetrator was arrested. Two people were killed and over 20 were injured in the shooting.

The police security service assesses the attack as an extreme Islamist terrorist act, and believes that Matapour has been heavily radicalised.

The police security service (PST) has no comment on the latest developments in the case.

– We can confirm that we are assisting the Oslo police district with the shooting on 25 June, beyond that we have no comment, says director of communications in PST, Trond Hugubakken, to TV 2.

Terror hypothesis strengthened

43-year-old Matapour is charged with having committed murder and attempted murder with terrorist intent. He has refused to be questioned in the matter. On Monday, he was remanded in custody for another four weeks.

The police’s terror hypothesis has been strengthened in the case.

– The hypothesis that the attack was carried out with terrorist intent has been strengthened, says Enoksen of the Oslo police.

At Friday’s press conference, the police also state that the number of victims in the case has increased.

The last time the police commented on the number of victims, the number was just over 240. The latest figure is now over 260 victims. A total of 570 interviews have been conducted.

News editor Karianne Solbrække is an expert in matters about Arfan Bhatti. News manager Fredrik Kirkevold is responsible for the coverage.

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