Killed his wife: – Posted it on Snapchat

Killed his wife: – Posted it on Snapchat
Killed his wife: – Posted it on Snapchat

It was Friday 2 December this year that a 44-year-old municipal employee stabbed his 40-year-old wife to death.

The brutal incident took place in their home in Abatia, southern Brazil.

The man is said to have repeatedly stabbed the woman in the throat, reports the news agency Newsflash.

He then took a selfie with the woman’s bloodied body sitting next to it – and posted it on his Snapchat story.

The snap was shared repeatedly on social media.

In the photo, you can see the man with blood on his face, neck and T-shirt.

Next to it, the deceased woman is seen sitting in a pool of blood, with her head hanging forward.

KILLED AT HOME: It was in this room that the man killed his wife, and posted pictures of it on social media. Photo: Newsflash.
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According to local media, it was the military police who first arrived at the scene. There they found the woman dead, and the defendant next to her in a critical condition. He had injured himself and was taken to hospital.

The man refused to tell about the motive for the stabbing, and said that he “just talking in front of a judge”.

Kaari (4) shot dead

According to Newsflash, the police have ordered the arrest of the man as soon as he is discharged from the hospital.

The grotesque murder is still under investigation.

The deceased woman was a central figure in the local community’s Evangelical Lutheran church. They are in shock and grief after the horrific news:

“We are immensely grateful for the time we got to spend with her. She will always be remembered in our hearts,” writes the church in a statement, according to Newsflash.

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