Tiffany Trump’s wedding: – Slaughtered after this

Tiffany Trump’s wedding: – Slaughtered after this
Tiffany Trump’s wedding: – Slaughtered after this

This weekend, Donald Trump’s (76) youngest daughter Tiffany Trump (29) got married at her father’s property Mar-a-Lago in Florida.

Trump’s girlfriend causes a stir

Not unexpectedly, large parts of the Trump family were present, and older sister Ivanka (41) was no exception. She was Tiffany’s best man during the grand wedding, and has subsequently shared several photos on social media.

In the photos Ivanka has posted on Instagram, it looks like large parts of the family have chosen to dress up in either pastel colors or sparkling dresses.

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“Must be furious”

However, the dress Melania wore at the wedding steals the spotlight. She chose to dress in a cream-colored dress for the occasion.

“Okay, Melania’s dress may not be completely white, but it’s still close enough to be inappropriate to wear to her stepdaughter’s wedding. Marla (Tiffany’s mother, journalist note) must be furious, I would be,” is one of the reactions on Twitter, according to The Independent.

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“And who wears a white or cream dress to a wedding? Melania, of course, tweeted another, pointing out that it’s “the bride’s day to be in the spotlight.”

Melania has not yet commented on the case, writes Newsweek.

– The neighbors from hell

Black dress

However, Melania’s dress was not the only one that caused a stir. Kimberly Guilfoyle (53), the girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr. (44) showed up in a black dress.

When Ivanka shared photos from the big day, the photo above was cropped so that Kimberly was no longer part of it.

Wedding etiquette expert Elaine Swann previously told Brides Magazine that wearing black is considered a wrong move.

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However, Swann also said that the modern bride has supported acceptance of the color.

“It is absolutely acceptable for a woman to wear black at a wedding.”

It is not known if Tiffany Trump had required the guests to dress in any particular colors.

Swann is clear that if a bride lays down guidelines for colors and attire, then they must be followed.

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