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Tonight, Hadeland | Man still missing, two arrested after accident and run down bicycle thief

Tonight, Hadeland | Man still missing, two arrested after accident and run down bicycle thief
Tonight, Hadeland | Man still missing, two arrested after accident and run down bicycle thief

Still searching for missing man

The search for the man in his 70s who was reported missing at 12.24 in Ringebu on Thursday. At 01.13 last night, the police updated on Twitter that additional crews will be deployed from the morning.

Operations manager Kristian Bjaanes tells OA that it is the day team that will deploy more crew.

Two arrested after motorbike accident

At 19.51 on Thursday evening, the police received a report of a car that had hit a motorcycle from behind. Two people from the car fled the scene, while the driver of the motorbike was taken to hospital.

One of the two who escaped was arrested the same evening. Last night, the police tweeted that both who ran from the scene have now been arrested.

Mass shooting record in Sweden

Never before has Sweden recorded more shooting deaths than this year. It became clear last night when the year’s 48th shooting victim was killed in Kristianstad. With 48 shooting deaths, the previous record of 47 shooting deaths from 2020 has been passed, and there are still three months left in the year. There is therefore a high probability that the number of shooting deaths will be even higher before the end of the year.

OSCE report: Increased repression in Russia

The Russian state’s open persecution of civil society has reached new heights, according to a report from the OSCE. The report, which has been prepared by the German jurist Angelika Nußberger, describes increasing repression of the opposition, the media and independent organizations in recent months.

Man runs down suspected bike thief

A man has been arrested on Vigeland in Lindesnes after running down and kicking a female cyclist, who allegedly stole a bicycle from the man. The man ran over the suspected bike thief on a bike path, says the Agder police district. The driver’s license has been seized, and a case has been opened against the woman for the bicycle theft. She was taken to the emergency department for an examination after the incident.

The forecast for Norwegian grain is adjusted upwards

The market regulator Felleskjøpet Agri believes that the supply of Norwegian grain and oil crops will be 54,000 tonnes higher than the forecast from last month. Thus, the grain harvest is likely to be 14 per cent better than the average from the last five years, writes Bondebladet. According to FK Agri, there is a good supply of food grain and Norwegian millers and bakers are believed to be able to use up to 80 per cent Norwegian grain in their flour mixes.

Boeing enters into a settlement

Boeing enters into a settlement of more than NOK 2 billion with the US financial supervision SEC. The settlement is linked to misleading statements from Boeing to the financial market after two fatal accidents with the company’s 737 Max aircraft in Indonesia and Ethiopia in 2018 and 2019.

A total of 346 people lost their lives. Boeing pointed to pilot error and poor maintenance and emphasized that the aircraft type is safe, without stating that the company was aware of a safety risk with the aircraft’s control systems.

Junior gold for Germany in the cycling WC

German Emil Herzog secured the gold in the joint start for juniors during the cycling WC in Australia. Jørgen Nordhagen cycled into 13th place. Portuguese Antonio Morgado gained a gap just before the riders started the last round of the WC course, but was run into by Herzog around 3 kilometers before the finish line and lost the sprint duel against the German. Norske Nordhagen was part of the group that chased the two, but had to give up when there was a sprint for third place.

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