Ivar Tollefsen’s daughter Ninja Tollefsen has moved to Switzerland – E24

Ivar Tollefsen’s daughter Ninja Tollefsen has moved to Switzerland – E24
Ivar Tollefsen’s daughter Ninja Tollefsen has moved to Switzerland – E24

The property billionaire’s daughter joins several other billionaire heirs.

MOVED: Ninja Tollefsen, here with father Ivar, has reported moving. Photo: Geir Olsen / NTB

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According to the property register, Ninja Tollefsen (37) reported moving to Lugano in December.

Father Ivar is an investor and controls, among other things, the rental company Heimstaden.

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Ninja Tollefsen is a qualified lawyer and owns the limited company Tivolino AS.

It was DN who first mentioned the case.

E24 has tried to get in touch with Ninja Tollefsen, but she has not yet answered our inquiries.

In 2019, she had a fortune of NOK 14 million, according to the tax lists. In 2020 and 2021, the assets have dropped to 0, but in 2021 she had a registered income of NOK 5.9 million.

LUGANO: Switzerland is populated by an increasing number of middle-aged Norwegians. Photo: Vetle Halvorsen / E24

Among Norway’s richest

Ivar Erik Tollefsen is registered in 5th place on Kapital’s list of Norway’s 400 richest people. The magazine has calculated his fortune at over NOK 50 billion in 2022.

Heimstaden owns around 154,000 homes across nine countries in Europe. Collectively, these have a value of around SEK 337 billion.

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RIKING TOP: Ivar Tollefsen is among Norway’s very richest. Photo: Tore Øyvind Moen / DAM

Helge Krogsbøl took over as CEO of the company from Patrik Hall on 1 January 2023. Together with the presentation of figures for the third quarter last year, it emerged that Hall is stepping down as CEO after over 20 years in the position.

Self-proclaimed socialist

Tollefsen’s investment company Fredensborg (which controls Heimstaden) invested in properties worth NOK 76 billion in 2019 – almost as much as Statsbygg.

At the same time, Tollefsen is a self-proclaimed socialist. Fredensborg writes on its website that they work for “a safe, inclusive, equal and difference-reducing society, disconnected from whether it pays off in terms of reputation or finances”.

E24 has previously told how Tollefsen owns a number of holiday plots, but moves the ownership so that he receives the rental income into a private account.

It recently became known that Heimstaden lost SEK 4.7 billion in the last quarter of the year, according to the company’s annual report.

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