Chicken shock: – Damn it!


“I’ve been wondering if I should share the photo, but since I had to see this here, you should too.”

That’s what American Alesia Cooper writes in a post that is now being shared on Facebook.

Attached is a picture of a very special chicken fillet.

The Texas woman explains that parts of the chicken fillet suddenly transformed into something reminiscent of noodles or spaghetti.

“I cooked dinner for my children a couple of weeks ago and washed the meat as usual. When I started cooking, it turned out like this. Lol.”, she writes.

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The post is spreading online, and at the time of writing, close to 4,000 people have commented on Alesia Cooper’s post, and it has been shared a whopping 12,000 times.

Many people wonder what on earth has happened to the chicken fillet.

Despite the fact that hormone treatment of chicken is prohibited in many countries, including Norway and the USA, many are sure that steroids are to blame.

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– Really disgusting

These are some of the comments Alesia Cooper has received:

“Chicken doesn’t taste like it used to. I am getting nauseous. I have no idea why, because I used to love eating chicken.”

“Damn it! That is really disgusting.”

“This is from the steroids they give them to make them grow too fast.”

“This is the reason I don’t eat meat!”

“Makes me want to throw up. Will never eat chicken again”

“Now that’s enough – from now on I’m vegan.”

Many point out that the chicken she shows in the picture has “woody breast”, also called WB.

SAME PHENOMENON: Two months ago, a user on Reddit posted this image and asked the online community what was wrong. Photo: Reddit
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Not dangerous to eat

Despite their unappetizing appearance, chickens with WB are not dangerous to eat.

WB is a type of muscle disease called myopathy.

The pectoral muscle of the chicken becomes hard and pale, and can have the same indelicate texture as in Alesia Cooper’s picture. has previously written that the incidence of WB is relatively low in Norway, because we do not have the same intensive operation as many other countries.

In the US, however, the problem is more widespread.

DEVELOPMENT: Various mytopathies detected in chicken fillets. Photo: Poultry Science

DEVELOPMENT: Various mytopathies detected in chicken fillets. Photo: Poultry Science
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– No health or food safety

The National Chicken Council (NCC), which works to protect the interests of the American poultry industry, describes WB as a “quality problem caused by a muscle abnormality in a small percentage of chicken meat in the United States.”

– This causes no risk to health or food safety, and the welfare of the chicken is not adversely affected, they claim.

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Will get to the bottom of it

WB causes huge economic losses to the poultry industry, according to agronomy professor Shai Barbut.

– It is estimated that the myopathies cost the global poultry industry over one billion dollars in direct and indirect costs, he writes in a research report on the agronomist website Engormix.

The NCC states that the poultry industry in the United States is sponsoring four different research projects to find the answer to why WB occurs in chickens.

They also work closely with geneticists, veterinarians and animal scientists to get to the bottom of the muscle condition.

So far, researchers at the University of Delaware have identified the biomarkers, or genes, that characterize WB.

– Such research findings are expected to contribute to promoting new diagnostics and treatments for the condition, states the NCC.

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