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Danielsen grew up in Borkenes, and moved to Harstad in 2007. It is now clear that he will lead Consto’s construction operations in Norway.

– How did you end up at the top?

– Well, it’s hard to say how I ended up where I did. I guess I’ve done some right things over the years. I am of course humbled by the great task.

Danielsen will still live in Harstad. He is prepared that there will be a lot of traveling to new locations when he will lead around 800 employees.

– I will start by getting to know the organisation. I have lived in Northern Norway for a long time, so now I can get to know the rest of the country.

Danielsen started his career at Consto in 2007. Then he worked on projects in Narvik, and helped build the solar cell factory for Rec. When Consto established an office in Harstad in 2012, he moved his job here. Before 2007, he worked as a manager at Neumann Bygg in Harstad and at Skanska.

Danielsen is a qualified engineer.

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– He has the right qualities

The company has had a number of assignments here in the city and is currently working with several:

  • The health center
  • Nordsida school
  • Housing on Hamnneset and Holstneset
  • Housing in Fjordgata
  • Commercial building at Mercur
  • Extension Coop in Fjordgata
  • Larsneset
  • Quality Hotel Harstad
  • Extension Thon
  • Extension Amfi Kanebogen

After the merger of subsidiaries into Consto AS, the Norwegian construction business is now organized as Consto Bygg Norge. It will be one of three business areas, with the other two business areas being civil engineering and construction in Sweden.

Erlend Danielsen from Harstad took over from 1 April 2024 as executive director for the Norwegian construction business. He has been employed by Consto since 2007, and has led Consto’s largest unit, Consto Nord, since 2018.

CEO of Consto, Kent-Helge Holst, believes Danielsen has the right qualities to run the Norwegian construction business.

– He possesses a combination of strategic thinking and operational skill, and thus has the qualities needed to further develop Consto Bygg Norge. An important job going forward will be to be a driving force for more and closer collaboration between the units and across geography. I believe that it will strengthen our competitiveness, says Holst in a press release.

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1,300 employees

Danielsen thanks for the trust and looks forward to taking on the management job.

– I am looking forward to leading an organization with a lot of expertise and dedicated employees. The foundation is good for further developing the Norwegian construction industry, and closer interaction between the units in the group will be able to provide greater competitiveness and increased profitability, he says.

Consto Bygg Norge is organized in three regions; North, Midt and East, each of which will be led by a regional manager. Erlend Danielsen will lead both Region Nord and Consto Bygg Norge. Western Norway is organized with the district offices Rogaland and Sogn og Fjordane. Consto Bergen AS is not covered by the merger and continues to be run as an independent legal entity.

The Consto group is one of Norway’s leading construction groups. The Consto group has operations on Svalbard, in Northern Norway, Central Norway, Western Norway, Southern Norway and Eastern Norway. The group also has construction activities in Sweden through the subsidiary Consto AB. The group has more than 1,300 employees in Norway and Sweden. Head office is in Tromsø.

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– Harstad is an important city

The Harstad department had a turnover of around NOK 2.4 billion in 2022, compared to NOK 1.7 billion the previous year.

– Harstad is an important city for our operations in northern Norway. It has been since we started with an office here in 2012, he said in an interview with iHarstad in January 2024.

He describes Harstad as a success story.

– Yes, the level of activity in Harstad has increased in recent years, and this means that Harstad is also becoming more important to us.

In December 2023, Harstad municipality and Consto Nord AS signed an agreement on the construction of a new school on the north side. The new school will replace the current Bergseng school. Harstad municipality has chosen a so-called collaborative contract for the construction project. The contract price is NOK 297 million, a sum that both parties strive to keep.

Possible redundancies in Consto were announced earlier this year.

– This is simply due to lower activity. The layoff notice applies indefinitely and is for projects that we are in the process of ending. I would also like to say that we are trying to get them to work elsewhere, said communications manager Lena Glosemeyer at Consto in January.

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