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On Sunday, American Benjamin Joseph Warzon (27) died in the avalanche at Middagstinden in Troms, the police report in a press release.

Police attorney Jacob Bergh says that Warzon was on a trip to the top with a friend.

– He has said that they were approaching the top. The weather was quite bad with very poor visibility.

Many people participated in the search operation on Sunday.

Photo: his Ludvig Andreassen / NRK

The party of two must have walked a couple of meters apart, large enough that the friend could not see Warzon in front of them.

– When visibility improved, he discovered that Warzon had fallen over the edge, says Bergh.

Took a long time to notify

Steep and rough terrain meant that it was not possible for the friend to get down to the 27-year-old and start searching.

It took two hours from the time Warzon disappeared until the emergency services were notified.

– According to the friend’s explanation, it is because he did not have coverage on his American phone. He didn’t have the opportunity to call, says Bergh.

The avalanche accident at the weekend happened at Middagstinden on Kvaløya in Troms.

The comrade ended the search to find someone who could notify. Bergh says it is unclear whether he was unable to call the emergency services due to poor coverage on the spot or because his phone and subscription are American.

– It can also be a combination.

The 27-year-old was found dead just after half past ten on Sunday evening. He was found at approximately 300 meters high south of Middagstinden, which is a 1006 meter high mountain.

It was 27-year-old Benjamin Joseph Warzon from the USA who died in the avalanche accident.

Photo: Jørn Inge Johansen / NRK

Eight lost their lives

So far, eight people have lost their lives in avalanche accidents in the 2022/2023 season. Since 2008, 104 have died in avalanches.

Tor Arne Skjelbakken, specialist leader for landslides in the Red Cross, tells the newspaper Nordlys that Warzon was found at Øvre Kråkskarvatnet, in a vertical line below the summit.

– As it appears, he was not caught by the avalanche, but went to a place where he probably fell or slipped and then the avalanche was triggered by the fall. So they did not go to a place that was prone to landslides, but to a place that was exposed, he says.

Trond Øverås, managing director of Northern Norwegian tourism.

Photo: Karl Biehl / NRK

Trond Øverås, managing director of Nordnorsk reiseliv, describes the incident at the weekend as deeply tragic.

He believes it is important that tourists seek knowledge in advance.

– It is important that you seek knowledge about the local conditions and that trips are planned according to the prevailing conditions.

Here the rescue helicopter was looking for the then-missing skier.

Photo: Hans Ludvig Andreassen / NRK

Øverås describes it as challenging to reach out to tourists and visitors to the region, as they do not always seek information in the more traditional channels.

– I think that everyone who works with information always goes a few extra rounds after such incidents.

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