Can you spot the diesel and petrol pumps here?

ALL MAN TO THE PUMPS: But do you see the pumps? Quick charging for electric cars has been given a prominent place at Shell Lonelier. Photo: St1

Exercise equipment, playground and dog run. Shower, toilet and food service – and 31 charging points with a roof over many of them. Those who are used to secluded, lonely fast chargers should take another trip Lonelier.

24/05/2023 16:52 | Updated 20:29

This afternoon, the Shell Lonelier energy station opened on the E39 between Kristiansand and Mandal.

This is the first energy station that St1/Shell builds out itself, and it has become a modern energy station combined with a 24-hour rest area where the dominant fuel of the future is therefore put in focus.

And yes, for the record, we are talking about electricity.

STRATEGICALLY LOCATED: Here you see an overview of the 24-hour rest area and the day-fresh energy station along the E39 west of Kristiansand. Photo: Nye Veier

Far more chargers than fossil fuel pumps – and card payment

It is true that you can also buy traditional fossil fuel at the station, but that is not the most prominent thing when you drive into the Lonelier station.

Because no fewer than 31 electric car chargers have been installed here, of which 16 are fast chargers/lightning chargers – and 15 are so-called normal charging points that can charge your car with up to 22 kilowatts, where you use your own type 2 cable.

Above the lightning chargers, there is something so rare at charging stations as a roof – and on the roof, again, there are solar panels.

RARE ROOF(ST): Above the lightning chargers there is a roof, which is far from a given at the country’s charging stations, to put it mildly. And on the roof, solar cells provide additional clean energy.

At the lightning chargers, you can also pay by card, a possibility that many electric car drivers appreciate and which the Electric Vehicle Association has been a driving force in getting the charging industry and authorities to understand the importance of.

See more details about the charging system in the fact box further down in the article.

Over 28,000 fast chargers throughout Europe:

Here you can fast charge with the Ladeklubben

The mayor: – My first energy station opening

The opening this afternoon – of course with a ceremonial cord cutting – was carried out by the mayor of Kristiansand, Jan Oddvar Skisland (Ap).

– This is actually my first opening of an energy station. People around me have become a bit confused and I have had to explain what it is. Then a light goes on for people, but I am absolutely sure that this is a temporary reaction, said the Kristiansand mayor.

– In the future, mayors in Kristiansand will only open energy stations, and I think this will be an example to follow when we have to provide energy to both people and vehicles, continued Skisland.

CORD CUTTING: Shell Lonelier was ceremoniously opened by the mayor of Kristiansand. From left: Emil Tollefsen Ølstad (regional manager in St1), store manager Liv Marit Olsen, mayor Jan Oddvar Skisland and retailer Øystein Krüger. Photo: St1

Exercise equipment, dog run and playground

Customers can make use of a wide range of food options, and there is seating both inside and outside.

Outdoors, there is also exercise equipment, play equipment – and a separate dog run.

LONELIER THAN THOU: Here is the energy station at Lonelier.

Facts about charging on the Shell Lonelier

  • All 16 fast chargers support both vehicles with 400V and 800V battery architecture/voltage.
  • Here, cars with 800V architecture can charge with an output of up to 400 kW, and cars with 400V architecture up to 200 kW.
  • The system is load-balanced and twice as much rectifier capacity has been set aside as for comparable charging systems. This means that you will experience optimal charging speed even if there is high traffic at the location.
  • The station has also taken into account vehicles that can only charge with Chademo, such as the Nissan Leaf.
  • Chargers with type 2 sockets have been established in the commuter car park directly across the road.
  • There is a payment terminal at each lightning charging outlet.

(PS: Information above will apply from week 22, since work is still ongoing on completion)

Solar system on the roof – and plans to build charging for heavy transport

A central part of the area has been set aside for 24-hour rest areas, and both toilet and shower facilities have been arranged for the professional drivers in the station area.

In the long term, charging points are also planned for heavy transport.


Duel test Mercedes EQS 450 4Matic vs. Audi Q8 e-tron 55 Quattro:

Two top class electric cars

– In the process of planning this facility, we have emphasized good solutions for the different groups of road users. The focus has been to facilitate rest and replenishment of energy for everyone, says Bård Granerud, establishment manager at St1, the company that owns and operates the country’s Shell stations.

PROUD ON THE OPENING DAY: Retail director Anita Sørlundsengen together with mayor Jan Oddvar Skisland and establishment manager Bård Granerud. Photo: St1

St1 also disposes of a large plot of land on the other side of the motorway which is intended for future energy solutions, an important part of the company’s future investment.

– Here we have a great energy station with space for all customers. In addition, we have areas around us that can make it possible to supplement this with new alternative energy in the future, said retail director Anita Bakås Sørlundsengen in her opening speech.

Ladeklubben, ElbilAppen and the blue charging chip

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