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– We are not going to become another Åsane, Jannicke Ane Søraas Sem-Onarheim, head of planning in Bjørnafjorden municipality, insists to BA about the future development of central Os. The planning manager in Bergen’s neighbor to the south deals with how the Os district will look in the future. There will be streets and squares here, and the car parks will be moved underground. The future will be idyllic, and not like what everyday life in central parts of Åsane looks like. The plan was recently put out for consultation.

The Strategic Planning Program for Åsane has also been consulted. This document is a so-called overall management tool for further planning according to legal rules. A strategic planning program is thus far less concrete than plans that are adopted in accordance with the Planning and Building Act. Nevertheless, the strategic planning proposal gives a good insight into what is the main problem in Åsane, and the reason why the area is constantly used as an example of how people do not want it.

If you look past the words of praise about water, green structures, attractive city life and a pedestrian-friendly city, you quickly see what the main problem is in Åsane: After the Lagunen and Rådal areas are now shielded from through traffic, Åsane is the only district in Bergen where the district center is still jammed with through traffic at 80 kilometers of speed. E39 cuts through the area and divides central Åsane in two. Combined with a reasonably close shopping center and car-based business life, it effectively hides any green structures and idyllic waterways.

Although Bybanen is launched as an important

moment to repair Åsane, there is no doubt that it is through traffic that is the biggest problem. In a memo, the planners launch four options to do something about that problem. The evaluation shows that the alternative that gives the greatest benefits and clearly the least negative consequences is to send the through traffic another way. In plain language, this means building a road tunnel from the area at the Tertnes junction to the area at Vågsbotn.

It is probably one of the better tunnel ideas that has been lasered in the last couple of decades. If Åsane is to be repaired, the central areas must be provided with the same public love and funding that other district centers have received in the last couple of decades. Yes, it is expensive and it is difficult, and it is certainly very far in the future. But it’s still a good suggestion.

Until the most important voices come to the conclusion that this is an idea worth considering seriously, the repair work in Åsane must take place in other ways. The rather non-binding proposal for a planning program launches many ideas for how this can happen. Whether any of the ideas will be realized within a reasonable time is still completely unknown.

Several initiatives have been taken to do something about central parts of Åsane. They’ve all failed, but that’s no reason not to try again. Åsane deserves action. Only a public initiative and the ability to carry it out can remove the district’s label as an example of horror.

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