Exam chaos meant that students got the wrong version

Exam chaos meant that students got the wrong version
Exam chaos meant that students got the wrong version

The exam in the master’s subject Accounting analysis on 4 May was extra stressful for the approximately 140 students, writes K7 Bulletin.

An incorrect version of the exam had been entered on the digital platform. To get the right task, they had to reload the page. They should have been told about this when there were about 45 minutes left of the exam, according to the student newspaper.

There was great confusion about which task they were supposed to answer and several answered the wrong question and did not manage to change their answers before the deadline expired.

— Human errors

– We have already set up a meeting to ensure better communication between. the relevant department and section for the exam, and to get full clarity on what went wrong and why, writes vice-rector for education Stig Tenold in an e-mail to Khrono.

He explains that the situation occurred due to several human errors, each of which would normally have been caught and not caused problems.

Stig Tenold is vice-chancellor for education at the Norwegian School of Economics
Odd Mehus

— After the examination section had received one version of the assignment text, a new version was prepared and delivered. This was copied up, but was unfortunately not uploaded into Wiseflow until between 09.00 and 09.01. By then the exam had already started.

Several claim that the message about the new version came several hours after the start of the exam. A message was sent out at 12:14 on Wiseflow, a digital platform for exams and assessment. It was over three hours after the exam started, which finished at 1pm.

“Unfortunately, there was a misunderstanding between employees about who should send out the information. When we became aware of it, a message was sent out, says vice-chancellor Tenold.

A paper version should also have been handed out with the correct questions, but here too the students believe that it came too late, writes K7 Bulletin.

— This was an exam that was to be conducted digitally. Normally, exam papers are not handed out on paper during digital school exams.

New exam in August

The examination section considers what has happened as an error, which may have had an impact on the candidates’ performance, they write in a message to the students.

The Norwegian School of Economics will now offer candidates in the subject who wish to take the exam again on 17 August, according to the newspaper.

Now the parties involved must meet to ensure that something similar does not happen again. This follow-up is in addition to the review of exam performance that NHH has every semester, writes vice-chancellor Stig Tenold.

“The aim is to minimize the chances of situations like this happening, even in cases where there are several human errors,” says Tenold to Khrono.

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