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Heidi’s Bier Bar in Oslo is extending both its opening hours and making it possible to pay with both US dollars and euros in the bar.

They do this in order to receive the soldiers in the best possible way.

– We felt a push last year when a British ship arrived. Then many asked if they could use British pounds. Our goal is to make the guest experience as seamless as possible, so we thought “why not?”, says Adrian Sneen in Rekom Group Oslo, which, among other things, owns Heidi’s.

Adrian Sneen in Rekom Group Oslo.

Photo: Photo: Magnus Aspelin / Rekom Group

Staff up

The 333 meter long and 78 meter high warship sailed into the Oslo Fjord on Wednesday morning.

The ship will be in Oslo for four days, and is a planned visit. It has 4,500 American soldiers with it.

Sneen says that they will staff up in the next few days, so that they can take in as many people as possible. According to him, they will do the same as they use on major holidays such as 17 May and Boxing Day – and yes, that also means more guards.

But they will also call in people who can lead the soldiers to the beer taps.

– It is fun to be present, so we will have staff and people in uniform down on the quayside to welcome and show us the way.

That is why the USS “Gerald R. Ford” is in Oslo

The American ship will have several exercises with the Army, the Navy, the Air Force and the Defense’s special forces in the next few days. This is written by the Norwegian Defense Forces in a press release.

They believe the visit gives them a unique opportunity to further develop cooperation with allies in the USA.

Jonny Karlsen in the Norwegian Armed Forces’ operational headquarters says that the warship will sail along the Norwegian coast, but they will not say anything about the details surrounding it.

– We cannot say how far north it will go, says Karlsen.

Experience the city

Adrian Sneen says that Heidi’s has a good history of large ships coming into Oslo, and thinks the reason for that is that they are easily accessible.

While he welcomes the guests there, he also encourages them to visit other places in Oslo.

– We are looking forward to it, and we hope they use the whole city and not just the classic tourist spots. For example, that they also go to Grünerløkka, Majorstua and Greenland.

But they still believe that many people are keen on a little city trip or two while they are here.

– We expect a full house every day, says Sneen.

Sneen suggests Grünerløkka as one of the places the soldiers should visit during the days they are in Oslo.

Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

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