Jacob’s transformation: – Is something about creating his own name

Jacob’s transformation: – Is something about creating his own name
Jacob’s transformation: – Is something about creating his own name

Since winning Olympic gold in Tokyo in August, the running star has gotten many new tattoos, especially on his right arm.

– Is there a plan for that?

– No, there is no plan. Personal development, he jokes.

The 21-year-old elaborates:

– There may not be much thought behind it, but one thing is not to be like everyone else. I do not quite know if people who are not too interested manage to distinguish the different Britons who ran in the 80’s.

– Maybe there is something about creating your own name and trying to be something that others have not been, he explains.

The new body art has no deeper meaning, one must believe Jakob.

– No, it’s just a show, he laughs.

Traveling to the United States

On Friday, the brothers travel to Flagstaff in the USA, says big brother Henrik, who now works as a team leader. There they will prepare for the World Cup in Eugene, which starts in a month.

“SHOW”: Jakob Ingebrigtsen has received many new tattoos on his right arm since the Olympics in Tokyo. Photo: Marte Christensen / TV 2

Usually they have prepared for the championship in St. Moritz in Switzerland.

– It will probably be relatively similar. We will take that journey and the time difference as early as possible. I think it will make us a little more prepared when we start than if we were in Switzerland, says Jakob.

Flagstaff, in Arizona, is just over 2,000 meters above sea level and is a place the Ingebrigtsen brothers know very well.

They were there last May.

– It can be a great advantage to be in places you know well. Then everything around is a bit normalized and things seem familiar, the 21-year-old thinks.

– Must play on other qualities

Unlike in the Olympics, this time it is possible for Jakob to run both 1500 and 5000 meters.

The 1500-meter final will take place on 19 July, while the gold in the 5000-meter will be awarded five days later.

On Thursday, the Sandnes boy parked strong Oliver Hoare at the end of an English mile during the Bislett Games.

Big brother still believes that Jakob has another gear inside, and warns that there will be a sharpening towards the championship.

– This was a fast race, it is not certain that it is in the World Cup. Then he has to play on other qualities. Now he needs to work on explosiveness, closure and versatility. Then we will see what it is about, says Henrik.

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